You decide to get a little morning exercise, it has been a bit warm but you are sure you can handle it. You start a light jog, you notice sweat forming quickly, then poof you are talking to your your creator!
Published 07/16/21
You make your favorite drink, it was a long day, it was a long week, you find that comfy spot on the sofa, start flipping through options to watch - Netflix, Disney, HBOMax, AppleTV+, The Weather Channel?
Published 07/09/21
Its 2030, you hop in your car, it starts taking you to work and suddenly hopes off the interstate and moments later lightning strikes right in the middle of the interstate?
Published 07/02/21
Its cold day. Its been a brutal winter. But why in the world would you believe an animal crawling out of the ground to tell you when spring will arrive?
Published 06/25/21
Its a beautiful summer day and you just finished a great outdoor lunch with friends. Someone suggests heading to the new hang gliding venue folks have been talking about. But wait, weren't afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast? What do you do??
Published 06/18/21
Published 06/11/21
You woke up this morning, checked the weather, adjusted your outfit. But have you ever stopped to think about how weather actually shape the fashion industry?
Published 06/11/21
Weather influences almost everything around us, but understanding the behaviors is critical for those who design the structures that surround us.
Published 06/04/21
Are you looking for adventures? When you do, how does weather fit in?
Published 05/28/21
We have examined many ways weather is connected to our bodies, but can weather be used to treat our bodies?
Published 05/21/21
Published 05/14/21
Vanilla is a complex spice in more ways than one. Is weather the reason that we have spent the last couple of centuries trying to create a replacement?
Published 05/07/21
We know as seasons change allergies take hold, but can you actually be allergic to the weather itself?
Published 04/16/21
Published 04/09/21
Weather influences many phases and aspects of most products we consume, but how about beer?
Published 04/02/21
Published 03/26/21
Published 03/12/21
Published 03/05/21
Published 02/26/21
Published 02/19/21
Published 02/12/21
Published 02/05/21