Thursday Therapy: Step into Wifey Energy
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Allan is back with Jana and ready to confirm some dating tips that can help you find the right guy! Jana, Kristen and Allan are hanging out with Thalia Ouimet, founder of a high end matchmaking agency called “We Met Through Thalia”.  Jana opens up about how Allan REALLY reacted when she was trying to be sexy on Instagram. And, we find out what happened when Jana’s ex asked her to help with his dating profile! See for privacy information.
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Jana has an appointment with one of the most famous doctors of all time, the legendary Dr. Drew!  Dr. Drew shares the realities of sex addiction when Jana opens up about the challenges she faced in her previous marriage.  We discuss the effect social media has on our mental health, and how to...
Published 06/20/24
Put on your fanciest dress and get ready for the drama because Jana is hanging out with one of the stars of Bridgerton, Daniel Francis! Daniel shares some insight on what we can expect from Part II of Season 3, while Jana reveals why she’d love to play a character on a show like Bridgerton. ...
Published 06/17/24
Published 06/17/24