Learn about the Amur tiger breeding program and the new tiger cub at the Toronto Zoo
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Nigel Parr, Zookeeper, stops by the podcast to tell us about the breeding program that brought us Mila, the Amur tiger cub, to the Toronto Zoo. We go in-depth on the breeding process and Mila’s parents; how the Zookeepers help monitor the health of the cubs; and, how the cub is cared for by Mila’s mom Mazyria and the Zoo staff. Help protect Amur Tigers: https://www.sumatranrangerproject.com
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The Toronto Zoo has always been a conservation driven organization, where many of the initiatives started by the staff to reduce their impact on the surrounding environment and this is why I was not surprised when Kyla Greenham, Manager of Conservation and the Environment at the Zoo, told me...
Published 04/27/22
Published 04/27/22
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