Why the Toronto Zoo is excited for the Jane Goodall Act
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The Jane Goodall Act will revolutionize animal welfare in institutions by revealing how accredited zoos, like the Toronto Zoo, prioritize animal welfare and conservation of their animals compared to roadside zoos and private owners of exotic animals such as big cats (tigers, lions, etc.), primates, and other animals that require trained zookeepers, veterinarians, and researchers that can care for the animals properly.    I am joined by Dolf DeJong (CEO of the Toronto Zoo), Grant Furniss (CEO of the Assiniboine Park & Zoo), Dr. Clement Lanthier (CEO of the Calgary Zoo), and Marty McKendry (Senior Advisor to Senator Klyne) to discuss why the Jane Goodall Act is important for animal welfare and conservation.   Link to the Jane Goodall Act: https://janegoodall.ca/take-action/the-jane-goodall-act/
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