Diplomats hurl insults and mock enemies in screeds that often appear aimed at a domestic audience, even though the social media service is blocked in China. 
Published 07/23/21
Search Atlas displays three sets of links—or images—from different countries for any search.
Published 07/22/21
Copilot is pitched as a helpful aid to developers. But some programmers object to the blind copying of blocks of code used to train the algorithm.
Published 07/21/21
Here’s what you need to know before joining the social audio platform, especially if you’re a person of color.
Published 07/20/21
The managers are accused of selling tech to Libya and Egypt that was used to to identify activists, read private messages, and kidnap, torture, or kill them.
Published 07/19/21
The pandemic ushered in a new wave of pet owners—and unleashed business opportunities for companies that cater to them.
Published 07/16/21
Google, Nvidia, and others are training algorithms in the dark arts of designing semiconductors—some of which will be used to run artificial intelligence programs. 
Published 07/15/21
The JEDI program had become a legal and political morass. Microsoft won the $10 billion contract, but Amazon and Oracle sued to block the deal.
Published 07/14/21
Law enforcement officials say the tool can help them combat misinformation. Civil liberties advocates say it can be used for mass surveillance.
Published 07/13/21
Chinese entrants swept all five categories, featuring technologies to improve civic life. But the advances could also be tools for surveillance.
Published 07/12/21
Highways and rail lines in the Pacific Northwest were built for a cooler climate. But the heat wave proved that extreme weather is becoming more common.
Published 07/09/21
After China’s crackdown, the cryptocurrency crowd is looking for a new haven. This Central American nation thinks it’s the answer.
Published 07/08/21
The dermatology AI app won approval for use in the EU but not with the FDA, an odd twist on Europe's reputation for tough rules on tech.
Published 07/07/21
Columbus, Ohio, won a $50 million grant five years ago to use tech to solve old problems. But technical hurdles, bureaucracy, and the pandemic dashed many plans.
Published 07/06/21
A study found that a system used to identify cases of sepsis missed most instances and frequently issued false alarms.
Published 07/05/21
After its wildly successful Coinbase exit, the VC firm signals its commitment to cryptocurrencies with a third fund.
Published 07/02/21
Online dating exploded in popularity during the pandemic, and the number of new startups has grown. But will they last?
Published 07/01/21
A growing number of people are seeking a wider diversity of news sources or opinions contrary to their own to combat information silos within social media.
Published 06/30/21
The measure would make private use of the technology illegal, but would not apply to police. It awaits the mayor's signature.
Published 06/29/21
Language models like GPT-3 can write poetry, but they often amplify negative stereotypes. Researchers are trying different approaches to address the problem.
Published 06/28/21
The companies revealed upgrades for their phones that protect data and reduce reliance on the cloud. It also binds users more tightly to their ecosystems.
Published 06/25/21
By employing a neural network, the company says its numbers will be more accurate—and allow it to offer to buy more homes. 
Published 06/24/21
Systems in Boston, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and the San Francisco Bay Area are offering reduced fares or free rides. Others are considering abolishing fares altogether. 
Published 06/23/21
The Black Lives Matter protests drew sympathetic public statements from investors in 2020. One year later, signs of progress are harder to find.
Published 06/22/21
Unable to find enough workers, employers are turning to technology to perform tasks—and women are likely to be the hardest hit.
Published 06/21/21