The musician talks about making Shabang with the help of his group, THE EVER-EXPANDING.
Published 05/16/23
Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus chat about group therapy, Rainer Maria Rilke and the making of their debut album as boygenius.
Published 05/12/23
The Philadelphia native chats about the story behind her breakout record, five seconds flat.
Published 05/08/23
The pop star talks about the myriad sonic and visual influences behind her new record, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You.
Published 05/02/23
The Wisconsin singer-songwriter talks about the influences behind his latest record.
Published 04/24/23
What started as a casual experiment evolved into the U.K. duo's first studio album in 24 years.
Published 04/21/23
Examining the cultural impact of Massive Attack's biggest record, "Mezzanine."
Published 04/19/23
The Seattle musician performs songs from his latest album, which features Lucius, Guy Garvey of Elbow, and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek.
Published 04/18/23
The musician's first full-length album since 2017 was influenced by the birth of her daughter and the death of her father.
Published 04/14/23
The fierce independence behind their polka music has taken Brave Combo from Japan to an episode of The Simpsons.
Published 04/07/23
Join us as we attend a rehearsal and talk with University of North Texas' One O'Clock Lab Band's director, Alan Baylock.
Published 04/05/23
Whether they're just starting out or they're big stars, like Leon Russell, it's a place to see live music almost nightly in Denton, Texas.
Published 04/04/23
The record is all instrumental — no vocals, no lyrics — and was written and recorded on a road trip from LA to New York.
Published 04/03/23
Frontman Carl Newman talks about the band's new album and why he steers clear of the internet.
Published 03/31/23
The singer-songwriter calls it a foundation. In this session, hear a live performance of songs from The Weakness.
Published 03/30/23
The Irish crooner talks about his recent EP and offers details about his new album, Unreal Unearth, due out later this year.
Published 03/29/23
Hakim stopped by World Cafe for a mini-concert featuring live performances of songs off his latest album, COMETA.
Published 03/28/23
Plus, Chris Thile and Sara Watkins join World Cafe to talk about the making of and meaning behind Celebrants.
Published 03/24/23
One of the greatest artists of all time, Warwick joins World Cafe to recount stories from throughout her career.
Published 03/23/23
Vocalist Piya Malik talks about how the Brooklyn band formed and their debut album, Prism.
Published 03/22/23
World Cafe correspondent John Morrison dives into Rundren's 1973 album, A Wizard, a True Star.
Published 03/21/23
World Cafe sits down with guitarist The Edge, who produced and curated the band's new collection of re-recordings.
Published 03/17/23
Enjoy this mini-concert featuring songs from Shufflemania!, Hitchcock's latest album of surrealistic rock.
Published 03/15/23
Country music belongs to anyone with a story. Adeem The Artist asks big questions about privilege, race and toxic masculinity on their new album White Trash Revelry.
Published 03/13/23