Joseph C. Sternberg and Mary Anastasia O'Grady discuss Brazilian voters' revolt against corruption and Angela Merkel's political decline.
Published 10/29/18
Published 10/29/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall discuss Riyadh's inability to get its story straight on Jamal Khashoggi's murder and turmoil in global financial markets.
Published 10/25/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall discuss Bavarian voters' rebuke to Angela Merkel and Beijing's repression of its Muslim minority.
Published 10/16/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall discuss a missing Interpol official, a journalist kicked out of Hong Kong, and a new Trump strategy on China.
Published 10/08/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Robert Colvile catch up on Britain's annual party convention season, and weigh the next challenging few weeks in Britain's divorce from the European Union.
Published 10/04/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall discuss Trump's overture to North Korea, and the beginning of the end of Merkel's long reign in Berlin.
Published 10/01/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall discuss whether there's a Trump Doctrine, why Europe is obstructing Washington on Iran.
Published 09/27/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall on what winning a trade war with China means, and why Theresa May can't pick a Brexit plan and stick to it.
Published 09/24/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Elisabeth Braw on Poland's plan to name a fort after Donald Trump, and what 'deterrence' means in an age of cyber threats.
Published 09/20/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall on how East Asia has avoided the current emerging-market contagion, and why a Brexit deal for Britain is so elusive with only six months to go.
Published 09/17/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Sophia Gaston on how voters really feel about immigration, and why politicians keep missing the point.
Published 09/13/18
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall on European politics in turmoil and Asian diplomacy in confusion.
Published 09/10/18
Mary Kissel and Steve Hanke on Venezuela's devaluation and how money dies.
Published 08/22/18
Mary Kissel and Hugo Restall on resistance to China's debt-trap diplomacy and the Communist Party's religious repression campaign.
Published 08/20/18
Mary Kissel and Jennifer Cafarella on the Assad regime's winning streak and implications for U.S. foreign policy.
Published 08/17/18
Mary Kissel and Eric Edelman on a new nadir in U.S.-Turkey ties and Ankara's search for a financial savior.
Published 08/15/18
Mary Kissel and Hugo Restall on the fiscal squeeze on Islamabad and Beijing's campaign against the Uighurs.
Published 08/13/18
Mary Kissel and Nile Gardiner on Tory Party political correctness and Prime Minister Theresa May's response to Russian aggression.
Published 08/10/18
Mary Kissel and Karen Elliott House on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's political maneuvers and Iran's threat to the Kingdom.
Published 08/08/18
Mary Kissel and Hugo Restall on the Secretary of State's entreaties to Asian allies and Chinese interference in Australian affairs.
Published 08/06/18
Mary Kissel and Frans Cronje on Harare's rigged election and South Africa's attack on property rights.
Published 08/03/18
Mary Kissel and Behnam Ben Taleblu on Iran's monetary and fiscal distress and President Trump's offer to talk 'without preconditions.'
Published 08/01/18
Mary Kissel and Hugo Restall on Hun Sen's authoritarian regime and China's latest bid to isolate Taipei.
Published 07/30/18
Mary Kissel and Dan Ikenson on the Trump-Juncker trade agenda and the status of U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade talks.
Published 07/27/18