F1 IS BACK! Finally! We return to discuss the upcoming 2020 Austrian Grand Prix with talking points such as 'Will we have the exact same race twice?' and 'Are Racing Point contenders for the podium?'
Published 07/01/20
In this week's That Time When, we look at when Alain Prost was fired by Ferrari and went to test for the Ligier team. 
Published 06/23/20
He may be remembered as 'The Trulli train' but it's easy to forget that the Italian was a Monaco Grand Prix winner.
Published 06/17/20
With the first eight F1 races of 2020 now announced, we discuss whether the revised calendar will stop Mercedes from winning seventh consecutive world title.
Published 06/10/20
This week WTF1 celebrates its 10th anniversary so we've decided to do a special podcast answering your questions.  We want to thank all our podcast listeners, no matter how long you've been listening and here's to many more years of WTF1 fun!
Published 06/02/20
2021 driver transfer rumours continue and in this episode we dive into who could fill the remaining seat at Renault. Will it be Alonso? Gasly? Hulkenberg or someone else?
Published 05/26/20
The Chinese Grand Prix wasn't one of Schumacher's favourite races but in 2006 he secured his 91st F1 victory and put himself in position to win an eighth world title. Matt, Tommy and Dan are back for another That Time When Podcast to chat about what happened during the 2006 season.
Published 05/19/20
F1 silly season has well and truly begun! What a shocker for most F1 fans that Sebastian Vettel is leaving Ferrari at the end of the 2020 season. Where will he go and who will replace him?
Published 05/12/20
It's been a busy weekend of Esports with a brilliant Virtual GP and a controversial IndyCar Challenge. Matt and Tommy are joined by Formula 2 and Rokit Williams Racing Reserve Driver Jack Aitken to discuss and find out how realistic sim racing is compared to the real thing.
Published 05/05/20
Gilles Villeneuve never won a world title but thanks to some crazy moments in his career, he'll never be forgotten. In this episode of 'That Time When' we talk about the time Villeneuve drove a lap of Zandvoort on two wheels, a moment that summed up the mad brilliance of the Ferrari legend.
Published 04/29/20
Published 04/29/20
Who deserves more credit than they actually get? Matt & Tommy dive into your picks for underrated drivers as well as their own. Who would you choose as the most underrated driver currently and historically? Get your exclusive WTF1 offer of 3 months free with a 1-year package of ExpressVPN by visiting: http://www.expressvpn.com/WTF1
Published 04/21/20
Arrows were one of F1's longest-running teams despite little success but when a Nigerian Prince offered to invest in them, it seemed too good to be true... it was. Try Babbel today - Go to babbel.co.uk (http://babbel.co.uk/) or download the app for free
Published 04/14/20
With another weekend full of virtual racing down, we explore all the ongoings from Charles Leclerc's win around Australia, Jenson Button's impressive debut into Esports and whether Silverstone could potentially host an F1 Grand Prix in reverse. Also, make sure to let us know in the comments below any podcast ideas/suggestions for future episodes. Claim your Harry's Trial Set at harrys.com/wtf1 Try Babbel today - Go to babbel.co.uk or download the app for free
Published 04/07/20
The inaugural Korean Grand Prix in 2010 provided another dramatic twist in an unbelievable championship battle. Matt, Dan and Tommy remember the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam as part of another 'That Time When' podcast. Try Babbel today - Go to babble.co.uk (http://babble.co.uk/) or download the app for free
Published 03/31/20
The F1 season may be postponed till further notice, but that hasn’t stopped all F1 action taking place. The F1 Virtual GP and ‘Not The...’ Esports races have been drawing huge numbers and where better to discuss them than right here?  Try Babbel today - Go to babble.co.uk or download the app for free
Published 03/24/20
Join Matt and Tommy as they dive into all the ongoings around the 2020 Australian Grand Prix...  As much as it’s a really difficult time for us all at the moment, there were some really positive things to come out of this weekend.
Published 03/17/20
It's Race Week! F1 is back, with the Australian Grand Prix starting a record 22-race season... but how many will go ahead? Matt, Tommy and Jess preview the 2020 Formula One season, predict the pecking order and ask 'What is DAS?' Come take a listen and make sure you subscribe for the next episode.
Published 03/09/20
Honda's shock withdrawal from F1 at the end of 2008 was the start of one of the greatest underdog stories in the sport's history, as Ross Brawn saved the team and Brawn GP was born. Matt, Dan and Tommy look back on the 2009 Australian Grand Prix and how the rest of the season panned out for the team. Come take a listen and make sure you subscribe for the next episode.
Published 03/03/20
McLaren's 2015 pre-season was plagued with reliability issues of its new Honda power unit but it was Alonso's unusual crash that dominated the headlines. Was it a gust of wind? Was he electrocuted? And why did Alonso and McLaren tell different stories of the events?  Matt, Dan and Tommy return to discuss what really happened in the first 'That Time When' podcast of 2020. Come take a listen and make sure you subscribe for the next episode.
Published 02/25/20
For the first time this year, Matt, Tommy and Jess are back for a WTF1 podcast answering your questions ahead of the 2020 season. Can anyone beat Mercedes? What will be the biggest surprise? Will Lando and Carlos's bromance continue?
Published 02/17/20
For the final time in 2019, Matt, Tommy and Jess round up the F1 season and present some alternative awards chosen by you. Who will win the "Zero to Hero" award? What was the best race of the year? Who came out on top in ABCDEF1? A big thank you to everyone who listened, watched and gave feedback and support this year. We'll be back for more podcasts in 2020.  We want to say a big thank you to you all for listening along with us this season, and for your feedback and support. It’s been fun...
Published 12/20/19
This year’s German GP has gone down as an all-time classic with tricky conditions, plot twists for the leading contenders and an unexpected result. But 20 years ago, Germany played host to a race which was even more chaotic. Matt, Dan and Tommy look at the time when nobody wanted to win the 1999 European GP at the Nurburgring. Come take a listen and make sure you subscribe for the next episode.
Published 12/10/19
After the excitement of Brazil, the 2019 finale in Abu Dhabi was a bit of an anticlimax. Is it time for another race to take its place as the F1 season finale? Join Matt, Jess and Tommy as they round-up the race and wonder why Nico Hulkenberg got awarded the driver of the day.
Published 12/03/19
The 2010 season provided one of the most open title fights in F1 history, so much so that Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were all in the hunt going into the final race at Abu Dhabi. Matt, Jess and Tommy look at a crazy championship battle in another 'That Time When' podcast. Come take a listen and make sure you subscribe for the next episode.
Published 11/26/19