Katharine Murphy speaks to finance minister Simon Birmingham about the mid-year budget update, jobs and wage growth, and how the Coalition is responding to the Jenkins review into commonwealth parliamentary workplaces
Published 12/17/21
Published 12/17/21
Katharine Murphy and Guardian Australia’s team of political reporters answer your most burning political questions. What lies ahead for Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese in an election year? What would a federal integrity commission look like? Will Australia go to war against China? The team also share some of their highs and lows from the year in politics
Published 12/10/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to the executive director of Essential about how Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are polling post-Covid lockdowns and the sexual harassment allegations in Parliament House
Published 12/03/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to the federal shadow treasurer about the ALP’s economic and climate policy ahead of an election year
Published 11/26/21
Guardian Australia’s foreign affairs and defence correspondent Daniel Hurst speaks to China’s acting ambassador to Australia, Wang Xining, on the future of the relationship between the two countries China’s infamous list of grievances with Australia ‘should be longer than 14 points’, top diplomat says
Published 11/19/21
At the G20 in Rome in the wake of the controversial Aukus deal in which Australia opted to buy nuclear submarines from the US and UK and ditch the $90bn existing deal with France – Katharine Murphy speaks with the political editor of the Australian Financial Review, Phil Coorey and the chief political correspondent of the SMH and the Age, David Crowe about the growing tensions with France and what this could mean for Australia in the international arena
Published 11/01/21
This week Scott Morrison finally released what he said was a plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050. But is it? In the final episode of Guardian Australia’s special investigative series before the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, editor Lenore Taylor, political editor Katharine Murphy, climate and environment editor Adam Morton and reporter Graham Readfearn discuss the implications of ‘the Australian way’ plan and what it means for the global talks
Published 10/29/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to the independent Indi MP Helen Haines about her plan to reintroduce a federal integrity commission bill to the lower house next week and why a commonwealth anti-corruption watchdog is vital for democracy
Published 10/22/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to Guardian Australia’s climate and environment editor Adam Morton about the Coalition’s approach to net zero emissions and the global push for greater action on global heating
Published 10/15/21
Katharine Murphy and Guardian Australia’s team of political reporters answer your most burning political questions. Will Scott Morrison attend the Cop26 summit, is a federal election looming, and is a federal anti-corruption body on the horizon?
Published 10/08/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to New South Wales energy minister Matt Kean about the state’s plan to cut emissions in half by 2030 – a move that has added pressure on the Morrison government to act on climate change Matt Kean urges moderates to push party harder on net zero
Published 10/01/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to Guardian Australia’s economics writer Greg Jericho and the senior economics correspondent for the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, Shane Wright, about Australia’s economic recovery after Covid and the possibility of a post-pandemic federal election
Published 09/24/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to Tosca Looby, the director of SBS’s latest feature documentary Strong Female Lead, about the sexism Julia Gillard faced as prime minister and why this documentary needed to be made in light of recent revelations about Parliament House’s workplace culture
Published 09/17/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to Labor Greenway MP Michelle Rowland and her colleague McMahon MP Chris Bowen about how their constituents are coping with Sydney’s growing Covid-19 outbreak
Published 09/10/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to the Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent, Karen Middleton, about the situation in Afghanistan and the Australian government’s approach to Afghans who helped the defence forces on the ground
Published 09/03/21
The federal treasurer joins Katharine Murphy to discuss the Coalition government’s approach to the pandemic recovery, and climate plans in preparation for Cop26 Josh Frydenberg admits climate change a major preoccupation in global markets
Published 08/27/21
Shadow finance minister Katy Gallagher is the chair of the Senate select committee into the federal government’s response to Covid-19. This week, her teenage daughter tested positive for coronavirus
Published 08/20/21
Katharine Murphy speaks with the federal resources minister, Keith Pitt, about the government’s gas-fired recovery plan, the export of energy resources and Australia’s record on climate action
Published 08/13/21
Katharine Murphy speaks with Prof Jodie McVernon, the director of epidemiology at the Doherty Institute, about how lockdowns went from being unacceptable in democracies to front and centre of the pandemic response – and she predicts public health measures will remain for some time to come
Published 08/06/21
Katharine Murphy speaks to journalist Gabrielle Chan about her upcoming book, Why you should give a f*ck about farming. Gabrielle talks about how farming is at the intersection of the world’s greatest existential threats. She also explains how food consumption has become increasingly tribal and polarised, which is very similar to the changes we’ve witnessed in politics over recent years
Published 07/30/21
Katharine Murphy speaks with the executive director of Refugee Legal, David Manne, to discuss Australia’s history of offshore detention and the ongoing political implications
Published 07/23/21
This week Katharine Murphy interviews the federal Labor MP Andrew Giles on why he wrote to the auditor general regarding the $660m Coalition car park fund
Published 07/16/21
This week Katharine Murphy interviews former federal Liberal MP Julia Banks – the only member of her party to win a seat held by the opposition at the 2016 election. In her new book, Banks outlines the culture she faced in Canberra, including allegedly being inappropriately touched by a male Coalition MP at Parliament House
Published 07/09/21
This week Katharine Murphy interviews Nationals senator Matt Canavan on Australia’s climate wars. The Nationals’ reinstated party leader, Barnaby Joyce, is an outspoken critic of policies that address climate change and target net zero, so how does the party justify its stance? Why is it fighting the inevitable global transition to renewables?
Published 07/02/21