Do you get confused by "gustar" and other similar verbs? Learn about "reverse construction" verbs, and use them to sound more natural in your Spanish.
Published 12/02/21
Published 04/22/21
Learn a few Spanish jokes, guaranteed to make your audience groan.
Published 07/17/18
All about those little things that you can say to structure a story, and bring it to life.
Published 07/12/18
Learn all about those little phrases and words which Spanish speakers use to keep conversations going, show their understanding, interrupt people, and more!
Published 07/09/18
Learn useful verbs and constructions to help solve problems
Published 06/29/18
Learn some of the tell-tale signs of a learner Spanish accent
Published 06/28/18
We cover some useful and authentic ways of paying someone a compliment in Spanish
Published 06/27/18
Specific language you can use for when you need to make an excuse in Spanish
Published 06/26/18
Learn different ways and structures that you can ask for favours in Spanish
Published 06/22/18
We explore 6 common and useful Spanish proverbs that you can start using in your conversations right away
Published 06/21/18
Rob and Lis both tell a story about their experiences of dealing with the authorities, in Spain and Colombia. This lesson is focused on comprehension, so be sure to follow along with the transcript if you struggle.
Published 06/19/18
Learn important vocabulary and phrases for when you are out and about on the roads in Spain and Latin America.
Published 06/18/18
Learn the subtle art of complaining in Spanish
Published 06/15/18
Learn the vocabulary and phrases you’ll need should you ever have to pay a visit to the doctor or pharmacy.
Published 06/13/18
Learn the latest Spanish vocabulary around social networks, and communication in the digital age. How are social networks changing Spanish (as well as English)? How do you say "update", "upload", "download", "tag", and other important "digital verbs"? What is "a like" in Spanish?
Published 06/06/18
One thing that we’ve noticed since living together is how different we feel about mornings and evenings. Liz is a morning person, and Rob is definitely not…
Published 06/04/17
Building on our previous podcast about how to tell the time, we now give you a few ways that you can arrange to meet with someone. We also take a quick look at the conditional.
Published 06/03/17
Learn how to tell the time in Spanish, along with other time related phrases.
Published 06/04/14
Using "adverbs of frequency" to talk about how often you do things, how to ask "how often", and using the incredibly useful verb "soler"
Published 06/03/14
Useful phrases for some of the most intense "conversations" you can have: arguments! Tempers may be running high, so it's always good to have a stock of phrases that you can fall back in should you ever be unfortunate enough to have an argument with a Latino/a or Spaniard!
Published 06/02/14