Microsoft announces that it now accepts Bitcoin.Minecraft + Bitcoin: official currency of virtual worlds?Is Bitcoin the World's IPO?Plus our guest, Jared Mimms (@JaredMimms) of Providence Solutions
Published 12/17/14
Published 12/17/14
The winner of the US Marshals auction 48,000 Bitcoin is revealed.Bitcoin mining diffuclty has suddenly decreased.Dan Held leaves Blockchain..Plus we're joined by Jack Bicer of Sekur Me
Published 12/11/14
Coinbase now allows users to deposit dollars for instant Bitcoin purchasesTraditional banks step up closure of accounts related to Bitcoin businessesIs gold really just a 6000 year old bubble 'like Bitcoin' as Citigroup is now saying?Special guest Daniel Peled (@MrPeled) cofounder and ceo of GetGems.org
Published 12/04/14
This week we're joined by Halsey Minor founder of CNET, Grand Central (Google Voice) and his newest endeavor Bitreserve. Halsey expounds upon his vision of cryptocurrencies and why they may be as important a revelation as the internet at large.
Published 11/19/14
The historical context of Satoshi Nakamoto's birthday.Bitcoin seems to be less than welcome in France.What are sidechains and how do they change Bitcoin?How can Bitcoin go mainstream?Can hobbyist miners still make money?Our guest this week is Nick Sullivan (@gorillamania) of ChangeTip
Published 11/11/14
A Dutch neighborhood embraces cryptocurrency with Bitcoin BoulevardA new breed of supercomputers is taking bitcoin mining to new heights.The world is about to get its first cryptocurrency bank.Plus we're joined by Charlie Kiser CMO of Bitcoin Shop
Published 11/04/14
Mr. Treasure Loses His Bitcoins!The US Military Command holds an 'informational meeting' with the Bitcoin industryBitcoins broadcast over radio waves.Our guest this week is Micah Winkelspecht (@winkelspecht) of the newly funded company GEM. 
Published 09/30/14
The US federal government finally speaks up about bitcoin regulation.PayPal makes further strides with bitcoin.Mobile payments giant Square alludes to bitcoin supportWe are joined by special guest, Cailen Sullivan, co-founder and CEO of ZenBox
Published 09/23/14
Moore's Law catches up with Bitcoin MiningiOS users get their first decentralized Bitcoin Wallet!Tim Draper and Peter Thiel (of Paypal) share widely varying opinions on cryptocurrency.PLUS our guest tonight is Marshall Hayner, here to talk to us about block.io
Published 09/17/14
Former Bitcoin Foundation Vice President Charlie Shrem pleads guilty to federal charges linked to the illegal drug website, Silk Road. Ecuador announces announces plans for its own digital currency, could it abandon the US dollar?Canadians are opting to get paid in bitcoin.We are joined by special guest, William Quigley of Clearstone Venture Partners.
Published 09/09/14
We look into the recent drop of BTC below $500 USD Shout you trusted a hosted wallet or store your bitcoins locally? Overstock.com's CEO mulls a cryptosecurity public stock offering.  Mike Rotman (@mikerotman) host of Take My Bitcoins joins us for the show.
Published 08/19/14
The UK's 11 Downing Street gets behind bitcoin.Bitcoin adoption soars in emerging markets.The Bitcoin Foundation urges New York's Dept of Financial Services to "resist the constraints of administrative procedures developed in the era of postage stamps"Will Wheeler joins us from Expresscoin
Published 08/12/14
Ecuador bans Bitcoin and plans its own digital money! Kanye West sues Coinye out of business.The price of Bitcoin dunks below $600 for the first time in months.Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum joins us.
Published 07/29/14
Blockchain.info release a MAJOR new version of its Android Wallet Reactions to New York's proposed regulations for a BitLicense ... basically, the pitchforks are out Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIN announces that Bitcoin is his Five Year Investment Plan! Tatiana Moroz of TatianaCoin!
Published 07/22/14
Debit cards and dollar-backed digital currency make it easier than ever to experiment with Bitcoin.Can you be charged for money laundering if Bitcoin isn't technically considered money?An island off the coast of France (Jersey) offers a bitcoin hedge fund AND an offshore tax shelter...All that, and more, on Bitcoin News Weekly!
Published 07/14/14
David Moon of Spelunk.in joins us. Could Bitcoin's value reach $10k by next year?  California legalizes digital currency. Vericoin announces a CryptoBank (the first bitcoin "savings" account). Extortionists target pizza joints, demanding bitcoin payments.
Published 07/01/14
Marshall Hayner (@MarshallHayner), the creator of QuickCoin and founder of the Bitcoin Fair is our guest.Japan says it will not regulate Bitcoin!  is this a wise move given all the trouble with Mt Gox?Coinbase addresses the ease-of-use issue on two fronts -- while making an endorsement some call irresponsible2014 Bitcoin investments are ramping faster than Internet investments did in 1995 - was Marc Andreesen right?
Published 06/24/14
This week we are joined by Tim Parsa CEO of Bitreserve.  Tim tells us all about his new endeavor Bitreserve and sticks around for the news and we talk about... Ghash.io exceeds the 51% hashing rate -- is this the Bitcoin Apocalypse that's been predicted? The Feds are auctioning off Silk Road's seized BTC -- does this mean that BTC has now been granted legal status? Is bitcoin burning a hole in your pocket? The list of things you can buy with bitcoin...including your own immortality!
Published 06/16/14
This week Benson Samuel  head of CoinSecure.in joins the discussion. Apple releases a new virtual currency policy update at the WWDC this week -- but is it good or bad for Bitcoin? eBay's CEO remarks definitively that Paypal "will have to integrate digital currencies" Bitcoin moves a step closer to attaining lawful money status in California
Published 06/10/14
Ryan Singer, co-founder of CryptoCorp, talks multi-signature wallets, plus Bitcoin passes $650, do we need independent audits? and will BTC surpass Paypal? And Bitcoin's Achille's Heel.
Published 06/02/14
This week we welcome Sean Percival of 500 Startups to speak about his venture capital investments into the Bitcoin space and the basics of Bitcoin mining. We also discuss Bitcoin 2014 Amsterdam, Richard Branson and Jerry Yang's investments in BTC, the accessibility of Bitcoin to the public, Jeremy' Allaire’s ambitious new bitcoin endeavor Circle, the Chinese government's attempts to stifle Bitcoin and Sean introduces us to GoGo Coin and Coinalytics.
Published 05/19/14
This week we bring you an interview with Mt. Gox Protestor Kolin Burges, news of the Dept of Homeland Securiity investingating Bitcoin Terrorists, the Winklevoss twins move into the bitcoin market, Brock Pierce's new tattoo, the FEC ruling on Bitcoin campaign contributions and Mark hosts an episode of Take My Bitcoins
Published 05/12/14
What is Bitcoin? Is it digital cash, digital gold, or digital land?BTC China Halts RMB Account Funding How to store Bitcoins in no other place but in your mind!
Published 05/02/14