This week Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas are joined by Humberto Jimenez to discuss the impact of the ever more popular poker streams when it comes to promoting the game as well as the role that poker professionals play in that regard.
Published 05/13/22
Published 05/13/22
Today’s guest on Chasing Poker Greatness is a practicing attorney who has racked up close to $2 million in career live MTT cashes, Leo Wolpert. One highlight of Leo’s career that you’re about to hear all about is his WSOP gold bracelet win in the 2009 $10k heads-up event where he bested the likes of John Duthie, Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf, Jamin Stokes, and Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. While the poker world has certainly gone through its fair share of scandals in 2022, I think it’s...
Published 05/11/22
Who doesn't love getting dealt aces?! In this weeks episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad and Jon break down 2 hands where Coach Brad was dealt pocket aces and faced the age old question: "To slow play or not to slow play?" Listen now to find out whether pocket aces turned Coach Brad into the crusher or the crushee.
Published 05/10/22
In this week's installment of Philosophical Friday, Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas summarize some of the lessons they learned from poker that apply to everyday life. From people skills, risk and money management, all the way to creating a business and dealing with Uncle Jimmy (aka he who shall not be named) this podcast has it all.
Published 05/06/22
Today’s guest on CPG is the former #1 ranked poker player in Spain, has racked up close to $2 million in live MTT cashes, and has been recently minted an ACR Team Pro… The always brilliant, hilarious, & affable Ana Marquez. Ana has been on the live and online poker grind since the mid-2000’s with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Ana in her two appearances on CPG, it’s that she was put on this Earth to be a professional poker player. It’s...
Published 05/04/22
This week’s episode features two (and a half) hands that Coach Brad himself played at 1knl on his monthly PokerCoaching.com live stream.
Published 05/03/22
Today’s guest on CPG is former co-owner of Live at the Bike, Wayne Chiang who’s dropping in to share some very exciting news: Live at the Bike is BACK and better than ever! So, without spoiling too much of the show, today you’re gonna learn why the poker world ought to be insanely excited about the new Live at the Bike ownership, how the OG live stream has evolved in the year 2022, and what Wayne believes will be future of Live at the Bike & the streaming space in general. Also, if...
Published 04/30/22
This week Brad and Duncan give their take on the vulnerabilities of online play as it pertains to cheating. They try to identify, motivate and explain the very complex issue of foul play and its current repercussions while they also attempt to offer some suggestions about potential paths that can be taken towards resolution.
Published 04/29/22
Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is OG high stakes online poker crusher Chris Sparks, and it’s one of those conversations that I live for. I don’t exactly know how Chris, a man whose network of friends includes a who’s who of poker royalty (Including nosebleed live destroyer of worlds, Garrett Adelstein), managed to slip underneath my radar for so long, but I am so grateful I got a chance to right that wrong. In my defense… While Chris still battles in both the digital...
Published 04/27/22
Last week Coach Brad and Jon analyzed a couple hands where Jon had river sizing decisions with clear cut value hands. This week they will be doing the same thing, except this time with bluffs.
Published 04/26/22
This week Brad and Duncan discuss the inevitability of losing in poker and how to deal with it. In particular, they discuss concepts such as the different levels of resolution of losing events, mastering recovery, horizontal versus vertical distribution of bad outcomes, as well as the proximity principle.
Published 04/22/22
Today’s guest on CPG, PokerBunny, has set the poker world on fire seemingly overnight and the conversation you’re about to listen to is all about answering some question you’ve probably wondered while watching her play high stakes poker on Hustler Casino Live or Live at the Bike… “Who is this person? Where did she come from? What’s her story?” While these questions are easy enough to ask, the answers are anything but easy to hear. I’m gonna be honest with you… this was one of the hardest...
Published 04/20/22
You've finally made a strong hand on the river, now the only question left is "what is the right amount to bet?" On this week's episode, Coach Brad and Jon examine two river spots from Jon's database and discuss bet sizing options.
Published 04/19/22
In this week's installment of Philosophical Friday, Brad and Duncan investigate biases and prejudiced perceptions as they relate to poker and other aspects of life. Join them as they kick-off the discussion with the Dunning-Kruger effect, the confirmation bias and the curse of knowledge.
Published 04/15/22
Today’s guest on CPG, Tom “DonkeyBomber” Schneider, is a man of many talents. Among those talents are singing/songwriting, entrepreneurship, c-suite businessman, writing books, and public speaking. In the world of poker, he’s primarily battled in high stakes live cash games over the decades while also dabbling in MTTs & racking up over $2.3 million in lifetime cashes and snagging the WSOP Player of the Year. Simply put: the man’s a quintessential high performer and a treasure trove of...
Published 04/14/22
On today’s episode Coach Brad and Jon analyze two hands where Jon 3bet squeezed preflop and both players behind decided to call. Tune in to learn how Brad and Jon think about these multiway squeezed situations.
Published 04/12/22
Humberto Jimenez is an amazing human being with one of the most well-respected poker minds in all of Greatness Village. In today's episode you're going to learn all about his poker origin story, how he thinks about and studies the game, why Coach Brad believes Humberto's poker potential is practically unlimited, and much, much more! Enjoy the show.
Published 04/11/22
This week Brad and Duncan investigate the necessity, usefulness and potential drawbacks of simplified strategies and other heuristics. Are poker hacks essential to one's game? If so, can they be detrimental to one's bottom line? Tune it to find out!
Published 04/08/22
Today’s guest on CPG has over $20,000,000 in lifetime online MTT cashes and is genuinely one of my favorite human beings in the world of poker, Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet. It’s been about a year since the last time the Great Ape was on CPG and you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the man continues to thrive. His Twitch stream remains one of the most popular poker streams on the face of the planet, he’s now an ACR sponsored pro, he’s sold thousands & thousands of his Apestyles...
Published 04/06/22
On today's episode, Coach Brad and Jon tackle one of poker's oldest conundrums: playing pocket jacks. Tune in to find out how Brad and Jon handle playing the most hated pocket pair in poker!
Published 04/05/22
Today's guest is a fan favorite. One of my personal friends, DGAF he's the host of the podcast sessions where he detailed. His day-to-day life on the grind. His third rise after going broke a couple of times, and we've had some good news and the third rise department, because DGAF has been commenting on the hustler live stream, which is a really great opportunity for him and his brand and his podcast, which is very, very exciting. He's also been playing some high stakes. On the hustler live...
Published 04/05/22
This week Brad and Duncan have Matt Berkey over to discuss the apparent "drought" in poker content and entertainment. Why isn't poker as popular as it used to be and what can we do (if anything) to bring it back to the forefront?
Published 04/03/22
Today’s guest on CPG is a multiple time WSOP gold bracelet winner who has $2.6 million in live MTT cashes… Eric Froehlich. Eric’s journey into the world of poker began with a gateway game you should be very familiar with at this point: Magic: The Gathering. And Efro isn’t just good, he’s a Magic Hall of Famer who’s one of the very best on the planet. Back in 2005 when Eric entered his first world series of poker, we didn’t have to wait very long for him to make his mark. As fate would have...
Published 03/30/22
On this week's episode, Coach Brad and Jon rewatch a recent HCL stream where current HCL commentator and Brad's old friend, DGAF, makes his HCL debut.
Published 03/29/22