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Join Brad Wilson and Duncan Palamourdas in this week's episode of Philosophical Friday as they discuss a subtle yet very crucial concept: quitting. Is quitting an easy way out or a valuable tool? How does one find the right time to employ it and if they do what are some potential benefits?
Published 05/27/22
Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast has racked up $1.5 million in live MTT cashes and is well-known far and wide for being one of the elite nosebleed mixed game poker players in the world… Brett Richey. Brett’s poker journey as a professional poker player lasted for well over a...
Published 05/25/22
On this week's episode Coach Brad and Jon analyze two hands where Jon tried donking the flop. They try to answer two questions: 1. Is donking ever appropriate? and 2. What size should you donk and how should you proceed once your donk bet gets called?
Published 05/24/22