Comfort Eating with Grace Dent
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Grace’s final guest for season two of Comfort Eating is the Elbow frontman Guy Garvey. He tells Grace about growing up as one of seven, coping with stage fright through booze, learning to be comfortable in restaurants in his 40s, and the comfort foods that have seen him through it all
Published 01/11/22
Grace’s first fellow Cumbrian guest on Comfort Eating comes in the form of TV cook and hairy biker Dave Myers. He tells Grace about – ironically – losing all his hair aged eight, his years as a makeup artist, working in the steelyards of Barrow-in-Furness, and the comfort foods that have seen him...
Published 01/04/22
Jo Brand is next round for Comfort Eating, and she brings a snack with her that Grace ‘devours like a wild animal’. She tells Grace about her rebellious years after being kicked out by her parents, the fun of the 1980s comedy scene, and the comfort foods that have seen her through it all
Published 12/28/21