Forensic anthropologist Lucina Hackman uses scientific evidence and rational deduction to identify the dead, and return the missing to their loved ones.
Published 08/22/19
Uncle Jack was forcibly removed from his mother as a baby and denied his Aboriginality. A one-off trip to Fitzroy connected him with a family he didn’t know about, and promptly landed him in jail.
Published 08/21/19
One of the all time greatest and silliest stories in Australian history
Published 08/20/19
The farcical events that unfolded when a group of conspirators hatched a plot to defraud bookmakers of millions of dollars. (R)
Published 08/20/19
At age 10, Anne Aly walked into the school playground and a girl spat in her face after calling her ‘a dirty, Arab Muslim’. To her shock, the teacher did nothing. Instead of becoming disillusioned the incident sparked an ongoing passion for justice.
Published 08/19/19
Tim Flannery on the bizarre geography of prehistoric Europe, and how an asteroid the size of Manhattan ruptured everything
Published 08/16/19
Natalie Walker supports the innocent partners and families of perpetrators of online child sex offences. She founded an organisation to provide peer support, and transform the stigma applied to secondary victims
Published 08/15/19
Hung Le with the story of his family, including their terrifying escape from Saigon, and how his father became Vietnam's 'lost artist'
Published 08/14/19
Law Professor Jeremy Gans with stories of jurors using ouija boards in court, falling in love with advocates and snoozing through proceedings (R)
Published 08/13/19
Niki Savva on the bungled coup which ousted Malcolm Turnbull and installed his surprise successor, Scott Morrison
Published 08/12/19
Bryan’s played more than 80 roles on stage and screen. Raised in working-class Sydney, his talent, hard work, and unmistakable presence have been his ticket to the world 
Published 08/09/19
Yosemite’s most punishing climb is the 3000ft sheer face of El Capitan mountain called the Dawn Wall. Tommy grew up exploring Yosemite and in 2015 he and his partner Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb the wall
Published 08/08/19
Dan Ziffer on the year he spent inside the courtroom reporting on the hearings of Australia's Banking Royal Commission as it travelled around the country
Published 08/07/19
Adele Ferguson on the dishonest dealings of Australia's banks and financial institutions, and the damage done to customers and whistleblowers
Published 08/06/19
Peter's Korean birth mother spent years searching for her son in America. Then she discovered an AFL star living in Perth (R)
Published 08/05/19
Writer Dominic Smith on the glittering, perplexing history of the silent film era
Published 08/02/19
Grant Edwards won the title of The Strongest Man in Australia for four years in a row by pulling trains, planes, trucks and ships. At work, he fought child exploitation and human trafficking. But while protecting others, Grant forgot to look after himself
Published 08/01/19
Growing up in a Jewish-American family in Los Angeles in the 1950s, Roger Pulvers was expected to become a Certified Public Accountant. Much to the chagrin of his parents, in 1976 he chose a new identity
Published 07/31/19
A severe spinal injury could not crush Dinesh Palipana's drive to become a doctor (R)
Published 07/30/19
Robert Raven puts aside his long-held fear of spiders to collect them and uncover hundreds of new species. (R)
Published 07/29/19
Faye McLeod took on a stage name when she became a performer, and followed her star to the UK in the 1960s (R)
Published 07/26/19
When Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed by the Indonesian Government, their lawyer of 9 years was not far away. Theirs are among the deaths which continue to drive Julian’s efforts to have capital punishment abolished worldwide
Published 07/25/19
Historian Billy Griffiths on the complex history of Australia's indigenous archaeology
Published 07/24/19
John on what he's learned in more than 30 years as an educator, parent, and founder and principal of Candlebark and Alice Miller schools
Published 07/23/19
At 59, Michael became a 'reluctant psychonaut'. While on LSD he felt his sense of self disintegrate into a storm of Post-it notes
Published 07/22/19