Published 05/13/22
This episode features a discussion on ransomware, a proposed fine for Colonial Pipeline and insider threats
Published 05/13/22
This episode reports on the latest addition to the Budapest Convention on fighting cybercrime, how some websites secretly capture personal data, prison time for a hacker and more
Published 05/13/22
Today's podcast reports on the need to patch F5 BIG-IP devices, a proposed settlement on a Clearview AI lawsuit would limit some sales of its facial recognition software and Colonial Pipeline may be fined for its response after ransomware attack
Published 05/11/22
This episode reports on data breaches, a new trick by a hacker and GitHub's determination to get developers to use two-factor authentication
Published 05/09/22
This episode features a discussion on wiperware, cyber incident reporting obligations, security control over SaaS applications  and World Password Day
Published 05/06/22
This episode reports on the use of removable storage devices to infect companies, a three-year-old campaign to steal intellectual property, another database left open on the internet and patches from Cisco and F5 Networks
Published 05/06/22
Today's episode looks at World Password Day, a new threat group after corporate information and warnings not to take short-cuts on email security
Published 05/04/22
This episode reports on ransomware, wiperware, the latest attacks by APT29 and a warning to NAS users
Published 05/02/22
This episode features discussion on ransomware, the Lapsus$ extortion gang, third party cyber attacks and the top 15 vulnerabilities used by hackers
Published 04/29/22
This episode reports on a misconfigured Amazon data bucket, a warning on an old Microsoft Explorer bug being exploited and Facebook's privacy controls questioned
Published 04/29/22
This episode reports on Log4Shell vulnerabilities, the speedy work of hackers, a website that catalogs one hacker's efforts to compromise the NPM library and a risky wireless brake light solution
Published 04/27/22
This episode reports on the workings of the Lapsus$ extortion gang and the latest vulnerabilities that need patching
Published 04/25/22
This episode features a discussion on ransomware, a record number of zero-day vulnerabilities and the creation of a criminal service for companies to buy stolen information from competitors
Published 04/22/22
This episode reports on an FBI backgrounder on the BlackCat ransomware gang, movement from REvil, millions stolen from another DeFi system, and a Facebook scam
Published 04/22/22
This episode reports on zero-day bugs, testing data recovery  procedures, the world's biggest penetration test returns and vulnerabilities found in Lenovo laptops
Published 04/20/22
This episode reports on alleged ties between the Conti ransomware and Karakurt extortion gangs, a warning to app developers from GitHub and a new website where companies can buy data stolen from competitors 
Published 04/18/22
This episode features a discussion on identity management, the FBI use of a court order to shut a botnet and why hackers were able to roam around a US government agency's IT network
Published 04/15/22
This episode reports on the finding of a new botnet, low MFA adoption in US critical infrastructure sector a Struts bug finally patched and a fix issued for hospital robot carts
Published 04/15/22
This episode reports on the Sandworm group's latest attack on a Ukraine power company, the closing of the RaidForums darkweb marketplace, a new Hafnium attack uses Windows Scheduler to launch attacks and more patches issued
Published 04/13/22
This episode reports on the Mirai botnet abusing the unpatched Spring Java framework, a data breach at toolmaker Snap-on, action against threat actors by Microsoft and Meta and more 
Published 04/11/22
This episode features discussion on the Spring4Shell vulnerability, Supply Chain Integrity Month and an explosive North American electricity sector tabletop exercise
Published 04/08/22
This episode reports on a survey of application developers, a phony voicemail scam and more
Published 04/08/22
Today's episode reports on vulnerabilities in Linux and Totolink routers, the discovery of the Borat trojan and more on the Russia-Ukraine cyberwar
Published 04/06/22
Today's podcast reports on U.K. teens charged with cyber offences, how MFA can be over-ridden and security updates to be installed
Published 04/04/22