Ammons House (Gary, IN) Feat. Psychology Professor Karl Rosengren
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Hadley and Alyssa investigate the Ammons House, a modest, single-story home in Gary, Indiana where, in the spring of 2011, Latoya Ammons and her three young children were reportedly possessed by demons. After unpacking the history of the region, the hosts dig into the Ammons family’s case, from the first signs of paranormal activity to the extreme behavior that eventually led Latoya to flee the home and seek medical attention for her children. They also review reports made by healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, and government workers whose eyewitness accounts point to two chilling possibilities: either the Ammons family suffered a psychological phenomenon, or the house really was infested by something evil and otherworldly. Hadley and Alyssa also discuss what happened to the house after Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans bought it in 2014. Later, they’re joined by Karl Rosengren, a professor in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Psychology departments at the University of Rochester, to discuss how belief in the paranormal and magic affect early childhood development, the psychology behind superstition, and more.  CREDITS Alyssa Fiorentino - Co-host & Producer Hadley Mendelsohn - Co-host & Producer Jessy Caron - Producer & Audio Editor To advertise on the show: or email us at [email protected].  RELATED LINKS “Paranormal activity: Do Catholics believe in ghosts?” U.S. Catholic (ARTICLE): “White flight followed factory jobs out of Gary, Indiana. Black people didn't have a choice” The Guardian (ARTICLE):  “Resilient Midtown Tour to explore Gary’s historic district on foot” Indiana University Northwest (ARTICLE):  “The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons” Indianapolis Star (ARTICLE):  Demon House (MOVIE):  “We almost lost our lives': Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house that terrified even the police chief reveals new details of her family's terrifying ordeal” Daily Mail (ARTICLE):  “Childhood trauma and the development of paranormal beliefs” PubMed (STUDY):  “Exorcism is something we can’t quite quit” Los Angeles Times (ARTICLE):  Silhouette in the Ammons House window (PHOTO): Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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