Waco Siege Part 2: Feat. Cult Scholar Daniella Mestyanek Young
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Following their investigation into New Mount Carmel Center, Hadley and Alyssa resume their discussion of the infamous 1993 Waco siege. Hoping to better understand the actions of those embroiled in the conflict, they’re joined by author and cult scholar Daniella Mestyanek Young, who, as a cult survivor and Army veteran with a Masters in Organizational Psychology, provides valuable insight into the perspectives of each side. Speaking to her own experiences, Daniella talks about growing up in the Children of God cult as well as her time serving in the Army, and the parallels she’s noticed between those two chapters in her life. The hosts also pick her brain on all things coercive control, including how cult leaders utilize isolated locations and strict living conditions to control their followers. Wrapping up the episode, Alyssa and Hadley reflect on the stories they shared this season.  SWEEPSTAKES *IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Following @Darkhousepodcast and liking Darkhouse’s ‘Uncultured’ Memoir sweepstakes post is required to enter Darkhouse’s ‘Uncultured’ Memoir Sweepstakes and does not necessarily signify an endorsement of the brand or post.* NO PURCH. NEC. TO ENTER OR WIN. Darkhouse ‘Uncultured’ Memoir Sweepstakes. Sponsored by Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. From 11/15/23 at 12:01 AM (ET) - 11/22/23, at 11:59 PM (ET), follow @Darkhousepodcast on Instagram and like Darkhouse’s ‘Uncultured’ Memoir sweepstakes post. Open to US, DC, & Canada (excluding Quebec) residents from age of majority. Void in Puerto Rico. Subj. to rules at https://www.housebeautiful.com/promotions/sweeps/a45701029/darkhouse-uncultured-memoir-sweepstakes-2023/. CREDITS Alyssa Fiorentino - Co-host & Producer Hadley Mendelsohn - Co-host & Producer Jessy Caron - Producer & Audio Editor To advertise on the show: https://www.advertisecast.com/DarkHouse or email us at [email protected].  RELATED LINKS ‘Uncultured: A Memoir’ by Daniella Mestyanek Young: https://amzn.to/497qeIQ  ‘Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism’ by Amanda Montell: https://amzn.to/406FPnQ  “Joaquin Phoenix and Rose McGowan Spent Their Early Years in a Religious Cult. Then it Became Infamous.” Esquire (ARTICLE): https://bit.ly/3Q7gTb9  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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