The Murder of RCMP Constable Thomas Brian King
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Episode 302: On April 25, 1978, RCMP Constable Thomas (Brian) King, a 40-year-old father of three, pulled over a vehicle for a minor traffic offence at 12:35 AM on Highway 11, roughly a quarter mile (400 metres) north of the Saskatoon city boundary. Inside the car were two young men: 18-year-old Darrell Luke Crook and 19-year-old Gregory Michael Fischer. The pair had intentionally disabled the vehicle’s tail light to draw the attention of law enforcement. As the unsuspecting officer was checking Fisher’s driver’s licence, the two men overpowered, disarmed and manacled him with his service handcuffs.  The pair then forced the officer into their car and drove into Saskatoon, where they showed him off to friends. Afterward, Crook and Fisher drove to a secluded spot near the Saskatchewan River, where they beat and tortured the helpless constable. Then, they executed Brian King with his service revolver, shooting him twice and throwing his body into the river. Sources: A History of Winnipegosis RCMP Depot Division Royal Canadian Mounted Police Issues The Dark Side of the RCMP Star-Phoenix 25 Apr 1978, page 1 Star-Phoenix 27 Apr 1978, page 3 Star-Phoenix 27 Apr 1978, page 24 The Leader-Post 29 Apr 1978, page 1 Star-Phoenix 01 May 1978, page 3 1979 CanLII 2274 (SK CA) | R. v. Crook | CanLII 1980 CanLII 2130 (SK CA) | Radvanski v. Radwanski | CanLII 1991 ABCA 148 (CanLII) | R. v. Fischer | CanLII Faint Hope: Background Constable Thomas Brian King | Canadian War Memorial Thomas (Brian) King (1938-1978) | Find a Grave CBC News - Canada - In the line of duty: Deaths of RCMP officers CONSTA... - RCMP Quarterly / La Trimestrielle de la GRC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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