Episode 112 - On a dark rural PEI road on November 19, 1970, the Vuozzo family, of nearby Montague had their lives changed forever. A drunk driver, named Herb McGuigan, ran a stop sign and hit the Vuozzo's fan, killing 9-year-old Kathy Vuozzo. Kathy's parents and Little Alfred Guy Vuozzo Jr, who was only two years old at the time of the crash, survived with minor injuries as did the drunk driver. Alfred Jr. grew up hating the McGuigans, exacting revenge for his sister's death almost 44 years...
Published 02/17/20
Episode 111 - Near noon on November 6, 2017, reports of multiple shots fired in the parking lot of a busy Abbotsford, B.C. strip mall brought a swarm of Abby PD officers racing toward the scene. The first to arrive  was Cst. John Davidson, 53-years-old, a 24 year veteran of policing and well respected in the city for his kindness, passion for helping the community's youth and dedication to his work. On leaving his vehicle in response to the reported situation, the unsuspecting officer was...
Published 02/10/20
Episode 110 - In Nisku, Alberta, on August of 2010 the family of 20-year-old Amber Alyssa Tuccaro became concerned when a phone call with her brother ended abruptly and she she stopped answering texts and calls after that. She’d been hitchhiking into the close by city of Edmonton and was planning to be back soon. She never returned. After a botched police investigation, Amber’s remains were found in 2012 south of where she’d last been seen in Leduc County. Her case remains unsolved despite...
Published 02/03/20
Episode 109 - In a 16 month span over 1926 and 1927, in nine U.S. states and one Canadian province, 21 women and an infant were murdered by a sadistic serial predator and necrophile that became known as the Dark Strangler. The monster, named Earle Leonard Nelson, seemed to move too fast for police to catch up to. Eventually one of history's most notorious killers was apprehended and and brought to justice in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Come see us at CrimeCon in Orlando from May 1-3, 2020. Use...
Published 01/27/20
Episode 108 - On August 6, 2011, Carol Nora King went missing from her home in the tiny village of Herschel, Saskatchewan. That same day she was to make an official statement to Rosetown, SK., about ongoing harassment and stalking she had been suffering at the hands of her former boyfriend, Joseph 'David" Caissie. King was found dead in an abandoned farmyard three weeks later, but it was not until an undercover RCMP sting, 5 years later, that her killer was finally caught.  Come see us at...
Published 01/20/20
Episode 107 - In June of 1993, 9-year-old Cindy Young found her mother, Brenda, deceased on the floor of their St. John’s, Newfoundland apartment. Brenda Marie Young, 26, and a mother of two was brutally murdered while her children slept. Almost immediately, police had focused on a suspect, Brenda’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Randy Druken. But, in this case, things are not always as simple as they first appear. Come see us at CrimeCon in Orlando from May 1-3, 2020. Use POUTINE20 when buying your...
Published 01/13/20
Episode 106 - This week we take on the case of a morphine addicted, syphilitic, Scottish Canadian physician with a lust for murder and a blackmail. Dr. Thomas Neill Cream used his intelligence, medical training, relative good looks and higher station to leave a trail of death in Canada, the United States and Victorian London. Only years after Jack the Ripper's reign of terror mysteriously ended, Dr. Cream picked up Jack's mantle poisoning at least four more sex workers in the poorest area of...
Published 01/06/20
Episode 105 - On Christmas Eve in 1988, after killing two security guards, gunmen burst into the Los Angeles offices of the Nakatomi Corporation in Century City at the newly opened Nakatomi Plaza building. The 30 plus hostages were all attendees of the Nakatomi Christmas party happening on the 30th floor. What at first appeared to be a terrorist incident was found out to be an elaborate heist, led by German born criminal mastermind Hans Grüber. What Grüber and his group did not count on was...
Published 12/23/19
Hamilton was shocked by the murders of a woman and her children in 1976. Respected City hall employee, Jon George Rallo, the father of the two children and husband of the murdered woman was responsible.
Published 12/16/19
Who was the Mad Trapper from Rat River in Canada's Northwest Territories? It's n enduring mystery over 75 years old.
Published 12/09/19
Episode 102 - On the morning of August 15, 1967, in what was one of the most heinous random crimes ever to have happened in Canada, 9 members of the Peterson family of Shell Lake Saskatchewan were found gunned down in their modest farmhouse. Jim and Evelyn Peterson and 7 of their 9 children lay dead with no rhyme or reason for the crime. A madman was on the loose on the prairies. Come to see us at CrimeCon in Orlando, Florida on May 1-3, 2020. Use Promo code POUTINE2020 for 10% off your...
Published 12/02/19
Dana Bradley was murdered on December 14, 1981 in St John's, NL. Her slayign remains unsolved.
Published 11/25/19
In our 100th episode we take a look back before talking about the disappearance of Madison Scott from Vanderhoof BC in May of 2011.
Published 11/18/19
Episode 99 - Only days after the D-Day invasion 18 Canadians were taken as prisoners of war by the fanatical nazis in the 12 SS Panzer Division. The were led back to Abbaye d'Aredene in Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe, France, a complex of structures that have stood since 1766. Over two days, June 7 and 8, 1944, 18 Canadian POW's, belonging to the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and the Sherbrooke Fusiliers  were murdered by men reporting to Waffen-SS Brigadeführer Kurt "Panzer" Meyer, who was...
Published 11/11/19
Episode 98 - After a life long career as a notorious thief, safe cracker, international bank robber and jail break artist in 1913, charismatic Bloody Jack Krafchenko made his final score; the bank in his home town of Plum Coulee, Manitoba. During the daytime robbery the bank's manager, H.M. Arnold was shot once and killed by the fleeing bandit. After a few days Krafchenko was apprehended in nearby Winnipeg. Before he was to  go on trial for his life, he escaped from prison again, using his as...
Published 11/04/19
This is the second anniversary of Dark Poutine and our annual Hallowe'en episode
Published 10/28/19
As a result of the crash of a USAF bomber in 1950, the core of a nuclear weapon was lost over British Columbia.
Published 10/21/19
In 1995 Jeffrey Arenburg shot and killed sportscaster and former hockey player Brian Smith in Ottawa. Arenburg was ultimately found NCR for the murder. This is their story.
Published 10/14/19
Brock Graham murders again and is finally caught. He continues lying about Lynn Duggan's murder until he's confronted by her family, face to face.
Published 10/07/19
Lynn Duggan was murdered in her home in June of 1993. Her full remains have yet to be recovered.
Published 09/30/19
The bombing of CP Air flight 108, in September 1949, remains one of the most heinous acts undertaken in Canadian criminal history.
Published 09/23/19
Two Cranbrook BC girls murdered in 1984 in similar ways horrified the small town over 3 months before the perpetrator was caught.
Published 09/16/19
A look at one of Canada's most famous cases of wrongful conviction.
Published 09/09/19
In late 1990 billionaire businessman Jim Pattison's daughter was kidnapped and the family terrorized as she was held for ransom.
Published 09/02/19
Sixty years before Jack the Ripper, Burke and Hare, murdered 16 people in Scotland. Their victim's corpses were sold off to a medical school.
Published 08/26/19