The Tragic Death of Mark Harshbarger
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Episode 306: This week, we discuss the shooting death of American Mark Harshbarger during a 2006 hunting trip to Newfoundland. The Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, man was shot by his wife, Mary Beth Harshbarger, who claims she thought he was a black bear. In 2010, Harshbarger was extradited to Newfoundland, where she stood trial for criminal negligence causing death. The prosecution cited insurance money as Mary Beth’s motive for the killing. After two weeks of hearings in September, the presiding judge found her not guilty.  The shooting death of Mark Harshbarger has been a source of controversy since it occurred. Some people believe that Mary Beth Harshbarger was guilty of first-degree murder, while others believe that she was justified in shooting her husband because she thought he was a bear. It is important to remember that this topic is very sensitive for many people. The family and friends of Mark Harshbarger are still grieving his death, and Mary Beth Harshbarger has gone through a great deal. Mark’s children have lost their father. We aim to be respectful of all parties involved when discussing this case. Sources: Hunting | The Canadian Encyclopedia Fur Trade in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia Town of Buchans Newfoundland & Labrador Guide describes fatal shot in U.S. hunter's trial | CBC News Official Newfoundland Hunter Safety Course | Inside The Harshbarger Family Case | CBC — True Crime Canada Public Advisory: 2023-24 Hunting and Trapping Guide Available Online - News Releases Regulation Summaries - 2022-23 Hunting and Trapping Guide Mark Harshbarger (1963-2006) | Find-a-Grave 2010 NLTD 152 (CanLII) | R. v. Harshbarger | CanLII Another Fine Day Afield | Outdoor Canada Extradition looms for hunter who shot husband | Outdoor Canada Harshbarger's father speaks out about widow's upcoming shooting trial - News - The Times-Tribune Judge throws out PFA order that had been lodged against Mary Beth Harshbarger - News - Daily Review Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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