Pauline Dakin's childhood was marked by a sense of unseen menace. When she was a young adult, her mother finally told her what they were running from.
Published 12/13/22
Published 12/13/22
Bec never thought of herself as a spontaneous person, but one flirty fire emoji would lead to the biggest surprise of her life.
Published 11/29/22
Dave was always a skateboarding thrill seeker. But he came as close as you can to death without dying the day he decided to take on Devil's Mountain.
Published 11/22/22
Fred Leone is an award-winning musician and a descendant of a great Garrwa warrior named Garrinjamaji. This is his story.
Published 11/15/22
Edita Mujkic's story of escaping war-torn Bosnia, and her attempts to keep her family together and safe, in the middle of a war.
Published 11/08/22
Kiwi comedian James Nokise was on a roll, intoxicating audiences with his stand-up. So why can't he get out of bed?
Published 11/01/22
Karni Liddell was born in Rockhampton with a neuro-muscular wasting disease. Her parents were told she'd never crawl, walk or even live past her teenage years.
Published 10/25/22
Days Like These is back with new host Farz Edraki. Strap in for a brand new season of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Published 10/23/22
As Brenden Newton grows up along Sydney's Northern Beaches in the 1990s, bodyboarding reigns supreme. He loves the physicality, how it brings him into such close contact with the water. And after a fateful trip to Tahiti, he decides to try going pro in the sport. But just as his career takes off, strange thoughts surface over and over, threatening to engulf his mind and his body. And Brenden has to re-build his life before taking on the biggest wave he's ever encountered.
Published 07/19/22
The day Gough Whitlam is dismissed from office, in November of 1975, Catherine is sitting in the uni library when she hears the news over the loudspeaker. She's incredulous, incensed. She decides it's time to formally join the Labor party and, shortly after, Catherine herself is elected as a local member in a harbor-side Sydney council.  And it's there, in the busy, chaotic world of local government, that Catherine learns how to govern, how to compromise, and how to balance her politics and...
Published 07/12/22
Craig was a happy go lucky 19 year old when an accident changes his life forever. Forced to pay off a debt he decides to go work as a miner in Western Australia. What was a temporary gig to get cash becomes a ten year career avoiding responsibility, danger and exhaustion.
Published 07/05/22
Caroline Winter had a perfectly lovely life with her husband, until the day it all changed. Despite everything she tried, she just couldn't move forward, so she moved sideways instead. This is a story of loss, loneliness and the ways we keep going.
Published 06/28/22
Konrad has dedicated his life to studying the history of the Jewish people. In the 1980s, he's invited to work with an East German historian to complete his magnum opus, making frequent trips behind the Berlin Wall and back again. But little does Konrad know that while he is researching in East Germany, East Germany is researching him, too.
Published 06/21/22
Chris Ryan grew up in India in the 1980s, so despite being born in Australia, the pop culture of the time was so exotic she could hardly believe it was real.  Moving countries is hard, you leave behind a lot and making new friends is hard. This was the challenge for nine-year-old Chris, she felt like an outsider even though she looked like she fitted in just fine.  To tackle her problems and make some friends she took some drastic and hilarious measures that would also pay off when she...
Published 06/13/22
It's 1997 and friends Richard and Steve are climbing to the peak of Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. They're carrying 40 kilos of climbing gear and food. But when the climb takes a dangerous turn, much is lost. Then, almost 25 years later, a backpack turns up on Mount Cook. Inside, there's a camera with the film intact, memories long-buried make their way back to the surface once more.
Published 06/07/22
Pack your bags! Come with us on a journey of the mind...to destinations both near and far-flung, the familiar and the unexpected... in search of what the tourist never sees. An armchair travel show that scratches the surface of the world around us.
Published 06/02/22
Alan Hale makes a teenage escape from Launceston when he gets work at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It's the mid 1960s and Taronga's chief benefactor, Sir Edward Hallstrom, is pouring much of his fortune into acquiring new and exotic animals to add to zoo's collection. Alan is apprenticed to the Head Keeper for monkeys and he's charged with cleaning out the cages each morning. He loves the zoo and his job, until he's outwitted by a family of thirty macaque monkeys who disappear over the zoo's walls...
Published 05/31/22
Days Like These is back with a new season.  There's chaos when thirty monkeys escape from a Sydney zoo. Melting snow on a mountainside unearths a long-buried secret.   A misfit kid tries to dance her way to fame.   And one woman is forced to choose between politics and pot.   Starting June 1 more true stories from across Australia about the day when everything changed.
Published 05/24/22
13 11 14 is one of the most recognisable phone numbers in the country. It connects callers to Lifeline's free crisis support at any time of the night or day, and for some, it's a call that saves their life. In this bonus episode, we go behind the scenes to meet the volunteers who answer calls from strangers going through the darkest times of their lives. ***Warning: this episode talks about suicide***
Published 04/11/22
Penny married John in the 80s. She always believed marriage was forever, and she felt comfortable in her role of wife and mother.  Then one day, 30 years into her marriage, she receives a message that shatters her reality. It sets Penny off on a journey to confront the lies and deception that litter her love life.
Published 03/29/22
Aidan Jones is a stand up comedian. Jokes and stories are his stock in trade. But the defining story of his life happened before he was born: when his mum was in her 20s, she returned home from an extended trip around South America only to realise that she'd just fallen pregnant to her Colombian boyfriend. Aidan was the result. It's a series of events that would take almost thirty years for Aidan to untangle, until he finally comes face to face with his real dad.
Published 03/22/22
Think about where you are stored in your brain. Your sense of self and identity, who you are basically. What if your brain decided it wanted to shut a few things down? That's what happened to ABC broadcaster Karen Tighe. As an experience sports journalist she's covered the world's biggest events with a career's worth of memories and experiences to reference. But after Karen contracted encephalitis in 2020, her brain shut off part of those memories and tried to contain her sense of self.
Published 03/15/22
Alyce Nelligan is used to being a trailblazer.   Born with minicore myopathy, a rare muscle disease, she was the first kid at her primary school in a wheelchair, and the first person with a physical disability to graduate from her high school in Toowoomba, Queensland.   She's also used to being told what she is and isn't capable of achieving.  But Alyce, hasn't met a barrier she hasn't been able to smash through.  Until now.   A shock pregnancy discovery turns into the fight of her life -...
Published 03/08/22
The Fine Cotton Ring In was one of the biggest scandals in Australian horseracing history. A plan to swap a slow horse with a much faster look-alike involved a motley crew of small-time crooks, a couple of horses and a hell of a lot of hair dye. What were they thinking? Dig is a history podcast with a fresh take on an iconic story from Australia's not-so-glorious past.
Published 03/03/22