Published 05/18/22
  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, but for some people—in particular older adults—there have been some very specific reasons for concern. Add diabetes into the mix and it all gets even more complicated. Dr. Paula Rochon, the Vice President of Research at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, tell us how COVID-19 has exacerbated inequities among older adults, in particular women, and how she’s hoping to change this trajectory.  
Published 12/01/20
Technology often makes our lives easier, but if you live with type 1 diabetes it can also seem really overwhelming. From insulin pumps to CGMs and even do-it-yourself solutions, there are so many new technologies that it’s hard to know how to make the right decision for you. On this episode, Dr. Michael Riddell from York University talks about the latest in technology and type 1 diabetes.
Published 11/17/20