In this episode, Isabel joins her local gym and we talk about how to get motivated to get in shape! We also learn some gym vocabulary and talk about our experiences in the gym.
Published 09/28/16
Published 09/28/16
In this episode, we talk about driving. Isabel gets stopped by the police, we talk about driving tests, accidents and car theft! We also learn some car vocabulary. Enjoy!
Published 09/24/16
In this episode we talk about an amazing book that will change the way you see yourself and the world. Learn how to stay present and not worry about the past or the future. Be happy now!
Published 03/29/16
In this episode we talk about how to understand polite British English and how to sound more like a native speaker of English. ¿Quieres aprender inglés en Amigos Ingleses Academy? Empieza hoy con nuestros cursos gratuitos:  https://mis.amigosingleses.com Consigue aquí las worksheets y ejercicios de comprensión de los podcasts: https://www.amigosingleses.com/curso-de-ingles-listen-up/ Happy learning!
Published 03/24/16
In this episode we talk about some foods which have amazing health benefits and give you some suggestions as to how you can implement them into your own diet and be healthier!
Published 03/22/16
In this episode we talk about an interesting documentary Isabel saw called La Primera Ola. It's about how surfing started in Spain.
Published 03/15/16
In this episode we get some inspiration from Steve Jobs and listen to some of his most famous advice for staying motivated and driven.
Published 02/24/16
In this episode we talk about the amazing story of Laura Dekker, who is the youngest person to sail around the world alone, and her film Maidentrip which we saw recently and highly recommend.
Published 02/17/16
In this special episode we invite Isabel's parents over for lunch at our house. We cook for them and have a conversation in English with Isabel's mother.  
Published 02/10/16
In this conversation in English we talk about Britain's most popular prime minister; Winston Churchill. We listen to some of his speeches and learn some interesting curiosities about him and his adventures. Enjoy.
Published 02/02/16
In this episode we talk about some things that really get on our nerves.
Published 01/26/16
In this podcast we say good bye to the music icon and legend David Bowie.
Published 01/20/16
In this episode we answer some questions from one of our followers about moving to the UK. We talk about finding a job, where to go, accommodation, friends and much more.
Published 01/19/16
In this episode we talk all about British weddings and how they are different to Spanish ones. We learn some vocabulary and some curiosities too. Enjoy!
Published 01/13/16
In this podcast episode we talk all about restaurants. Our favourite restaurants and some uncomfortable situations we've encountered. We also do an improvised role-play of a dialogue you'll find useful if you ever go to restaurants in an English speaking country. Enjoy!
Published 01/05/16
In this episode we talk about some surprising animal facts that we're sure you have never heard. We also tell you some really bad English animal jokes. Enjoy!
Published 12/29/15
In this podcast we talk about 30 day challenges and how they can help you focus and improve your life. We give you some ideas for challenges you could set yourself and set ourselves a not so easy 30 day challenge. ;)
Published 12/21/15
In this episode we tell you some more stories from our childhoods in English.
Published 12/15/15
In this conversation in English we tell you some interesting stories from our childhoods and learn some English vocabulary too!
Published 12/02/15
Let's talk about different cultural curiosities! In this episode we talk about some cultural curiosities about England, Spain and from people we've met from around the world. Enjoy!
Published 11/22/15
BE CAREFUL! In this episode we tell you about 10 common scams that you may encounter when travelling around the world. We also tell you our own stories of when we have been victims of scams. We hope you find it useful.
Published 11/14/15
In this English conversation we talk about the hugely popular website 'Humans of New York' and share some advice and stories told by New Yorkers. We also learn some vocabulary, tell some stories of our own and read some comments.
Published 11/09/15
In this episode we go 24 hours without using the internet. We travel up the coast to a small village on the Costa Brava. We watch the sunrise, go for a run, cook lunch and scare some local children for Halloween. Enjoy!
Published 11/04/15
In this conversation in English we give you some great tips on how to be happier in your life. We read some of your comments about what makes you happy and we also teach you some very useful idioms related to being happy. Enjoy!  
Published 10/22/15