Tackling the Root Cause of Chronic Disease with Jon Gamble
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Jon Gamble has been studying the root cause of chronic disease for over 30 years. In this interview I cover three major areas with him: Toxicity, deficiency and infection which is the subtitle of his book Mastering Chronic Disease. He uses the oligoscan along with the GI stool map and other tests to help guide people back to vibrant health.  He talks about why he doesn't ever recommend copper supplementation, why zinc deficiency is such a big deal, the difference between oligoscan and other tests, what the zinc blockade entails, why magnesium is more important to supplement than calcium, which nutrient type O blood types tend to be deficient in, which mineral alcoholics are usually low in, the negative health effects of too much copper in males and females, his thoughts on mercury detox, how he uses homeopathy, and more. Jon's website: https://shop.karunahealthcare.com.au My website: www.matt-blackburn.com Mitolife products: www.mitolife.co  
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