Nicole Brown & Catherine Austen relive the illustrious career of the 5* machine & 2010 Burghley winner Lenamore with rider Caroline Powell & owner Lexi Jackson.
Published 05/27/20
In the latest episode of the Coaching Show Sam & Gear give an introduction to the improvement loop.
Published 05/25/20
To celebrate EquiRatings' 5th Birthday Nicole talks to Sam & Diarm about the journey so far & plans for the next 5 years.
Published 05/20/20
It's time for another episode of 'The Greatest', this time the team are looking back on the greatest wins of the 00's. From Pippa Funnell's Grand Slam win at Burghley, the drama of the Athens Olympics, the diminutive Headley Britannia and many more. Which is your stand out win of the 00's? Let us know.  
Published 05/13/20
Sam & Gear talk to Ultrarunning Coach Jason Koop about the best ways to introduce online coaching to your clients. First shown as a Facebook Live, now available as a podcast.
Published 05/11/20
The full team discuss their podiums for Badminton 2019 … all mixed between the Team GB onslaught of Oliver Townend, Laura Collett, Nicola Wilson, Tom McEwen vs. Irish frontman Padraig McCarthy. Did anyone correctly go for eventual winner Piggy French? You'll have to listen in to find out!
Published 05/10/20
The team talk through Jonelle Price's big win at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials with Classic Moet in 2018 — the first female rider to win Badminton since 2007!
Published 05/09/20
What a week!  One of the biggest events in the calendar and it did not disappoint. The team talk through all of the action, who got things right and perhaps more importantly, who got things wrong. Jenni forgot to take her voice back to America with her so she is MIA but Nicole & Sam celebrate the incredible achievement & Diarm rues 'Happy Hale Bob Day'. The winner of the Horseware Ice Vibe Boot competition is announced & Nicole also makes a public apology having totally messed...
Published 05/08/20
Next up in our Badminton Specials is a look back at the 2018 Preview Show.
Published 05/08/20
This weekend we will be reliving some of our favourite Badminton episodes of the Eventing Podcast. First up, the 2017 Preview. It was the year of Hale Bob v Sam v Nereo. Who went for who?  We hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane!  
Published 05/07/20
If you, like us, are having some serious Badminton withdrawal symptoms at the moment then you'll enjoy this one. Nicole, Diarm & Sam relive some of the best Badminton records this decade.
Published 05/06/20
Ian Stark talks to Nicole & Sam about cross country course design.  
Published 04/29/20
Published 04/29/20
Sam Watson & Gear Fisher hosted the first episode of The Coaching Show on Friday & it is now available for you to enjoy as a podcast!  
Published 04/27/20
Over To You. Eight consecutive major championship appearances for Team GB, eight major medals, a host of top 10's at 5*, a real #HorseHero. Nicole & Catherine talk to Jeanette Brakewell to relive the highs of his career.  
Published 04/22/20
In the latest episode of #TheHoldBox, Spike talks to Kitty King & Emma Dainty around supporting the performance horse.  From exercises you can do at home on the ground, top tips on communication with your team & ways you can help your horse in the current situation. What would you like to see next on The Hold Box?  Comment below with your suggestions.
Published 04/21/20
Back in 2017 Sam sat down with Camilla Speirs to reflect on the marvellous career of Portersize Just a Jiff. This episode was one of our early ones and remains one of our most popular.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!
Published 04/17/20
Nicole & Catherine talk to Lissa Green on everything from forging her own path in Eventing, the stars of her stable & looking to the future in the latest Red Mills Special.
Published 04/15/20
As a bonus Easter treat here is an excerpt of the latest USEA Official Podcast where Nicole & Diarm spoke to Sports Pyschologist Daniel Stewart on how to manage your mindset & overcome those nerves. Part of the show included some tips on how to manage any anxiety or stress in the current COVID-19 pandemic & we thought it would be useful to share here too.   If you'd like to listen to the show in full then search 'USEA Official Podcast' or click here. The USEA Official Podcast...
Published 04/11/20
There's a brand new game in town. Welcome to Eventing Manager brought to you by EquiRatings & SAP. Available to download now.
Published 04/09/20
In a brand new episode of 'The Hold Box' Spike talks to Sam Watson & Louise Jones (UK Head of Equine for Connelly's Red Mills) all about Nutrition, what it is, how you can manage your horse's needs and what you could be doing in the current position. We hope you find this one useful!
Published 04/08/20
Next to be introduced to the EquiRatings Hall of Fame is one of the greatest of all time.  He won back to back World Championship Titles in the 70's, has twice won Olympic Gold and was a stalwart of US Teams for three decades.  It's Bruce Davidson.  
Published 04/01/20
A long journey to this point. We are finally ready to release the EquiRatings OnForm app. In 2019, we partnered with Gear and Krishna at OnForm. They were building a video analysis and coaching tool to allows coaches and riders to connect. We began to add in the pieces to make it work in the equestrian disciplines. Every rider, every horse, in any country in the world and at any level can have access to feedback and exercises.
Published 03/30/20
The team catch up on all of the latest news plus there is a bit of lighthearted role play to keep everyone's spirits up.
Published 03/25/20
Following the announcement of his second (& final!) retirement from Eventing last week we thought it was the perfect time to dig through the archives for another Eventing Podcast Classics. Back in March 2017 Nicole & Sam spoke to Blyth about everything from his career highlights & plans for the future. What's your favourite Blyth memory?
Published 03/23/20