Funnels Don't Build Businesses: Here's What Does
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 Forget the "easy money" funnel fantasy. We're exposing the truth about building a business that lasts, without the hype and empty promises. Get ready to ditch the shortcuts and build something... for real. (00:00) - Intro (02:19) - Facebook funnel's story (07:42) - The difference between a funnel business approach and a real business (09:20) - The importance of the backend in a business (15:23) - The weaknesses of the influencer model (20:14) - The 5 Lightbulbs Framework (26:56) - How to implement the framework (31:55) - What is a good argument to sell your product? (38:14) - How to spot the right claim? (42:59) - The claim-proof model (53:01) - Summary (55:00) - Billy's top 3 resources *** → Join 14,000+ weirdos who learn to stand the f*ck out with my daily (Mon-Fri) emails:→ See my pretty face on LinkedIn:→ Leave a review on Apple Podcasts:→ Leave a review on Spotify: Finally... If you're curious about putting your brand in front of my 14,000+ daily newsletter subscribers and/or podcast listeners, email me: [email protected] 🤘
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Published 05/21/24
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Published 05/21/24