US equity markets all higher this week. Earnings being flagged as one of the big catalysts to the late week rally. In this podcast we discuss other tailwinds such as monetary policy in addition to headwinds such as inflationary concerns and supply chain woes. Tickers Mentioned: AAPL, BAC, GS, AA, INFO
Published 10/15/21
US equity markets all notably higher today fueled in part by a small number of larger companies that have outperformed on earnings as well as investor sentiment the pullback was overdone. Other talking points includes inflation and economic data. Tickers Mentioned: GS, BAC, BA, M, WFC, USB, WBA,
Published 10/14/21
US equity markets mixed to higher today. In this episode we discuss the FOMC minutes, today's economic data, Apple's iPhone supply chain issues, and the continued drama in Washington. Tickers Mentioned: AAPL, DAL, CRSP, MNST, UPS, FDX, HD, WMT
Published 10/13/21
US equity markets down between 0.1-0.3% on what was a largely uneventful Tuesday. Themes and narratives discussed include today's economic releases, inflation, tapering, stimulus and more. Ticker's Mentioned: FB, UMPQ, VVV, LUV
Published 10/12/21
US equity markets lower today though few catalysts either direction. In this episode we recap the headwinds and tailwinds currently in the market, discuss rising energy prices and recap today's biggest corporate news. Tickers mentioned: LUV, CMCSA, APTV, EMR, BROS, SOFI, AZPN
Published 10/11/21
US equity markets all higher on what was a volatile week. In this episode we discuss some of the higher profile themes garnering the most attention through the week including today's jobs report, progress made in Washington, the energy crunch, uncertainty out of China and Facebook's slide. Tickers mentioned: TSLA, FB, AAPL, APP, TWTR,
Published 10/08/21
US equity markets all higher, buoyed in part by the temporary debt ceiling fix. Other factors we discuss in this episode includes the jobless numbers ahead of tomorrows non-farm payroll report for September, energy pricing and a smattering of the most impactful headlines that came across the wires throughout the day. Tickers Mentioned: RKLB, APP, LEVI, AAPL, GOOGL
Published 10/07/21
US equity markets all higher today, reversing earlier losses. In focus, inflation concerns, rising energy prices, progress in Washington and ADP data. Tickers mentioned: FB, MRK, AFRM, HOV, GOGO, DNA, CAG, TLRY
Published 10/06/21
US equity markets all higher today, erasing some of yesterday's losses. No firm catalysts for the move with the easy rationale being "the markets were oversold". In this episode we talk about progress in Washington with respect to the infrastucture bills, economic data, Facebook's outage and China. Tickers Mentioned: FB, GOOGL, AAPL, TWTR, AMZN, LEVI,
Published 10/05/21
Tech weighed heavily on US equity markets as investors continues to weigh firming inflation, waning policy accommodations and a return to some kind of normal with respect to the pandemic. In this recap, we also cover energy's rise and the OPEC Plus meeting as well as the latest out of China. Tickers Mentioned: TSLA, GE, FB, QCOM,JELD, MRVL
Published 10/04/21
US equity markets all notably lower this week. Talking points include the big backup in treasury yields, Washington's tricky path forward with respect to the debt ceiling crisis, the unexpected retirement of Fed officials Kaplan and Rosengren, positive COVID trends and the energy crunch. Tickers mentioned: MRK, DLTR, ZM, FIVN, F, GM
Published 10/01/21
US equity markets all lower today with the path to least resistance being flagged as the culprit. In this episode we discuss economic data released today, the bumpy path forward with respect to raising the debt ceiling in Washing, fedspeak and touch on important corporate news throughout the day. Ticker mentioned: AAPL, TSLA, BBBY, MRK, XLRN
Published 09/30/21
US equity markets mixed today as Wall Street tries to find some form of stabilization following yesterday's sell off. Big themes covered in this episode (and present through the day) include developments out of washington, Q3 earnings expectations and China. Tickers Mentioned: DLTR, JBL, HPQ, GNRC, BA, NFLX, MRNA,
Published 09/29/21
US equity markets sold off extensively following a backup in bond yields and the recent surge in energy prices. Other points of discussion include Fedspeak, China and the drama in Washington. Tickers mentioned: MRK, XLRN, F, SGMS,THO
Published 09/28/21
US equity markets mixed today as the rotation from growth into value appears to be continuing. No major changes to any long standing macro narratives. In this episode we recap the most pressing macro drivers and briefly discuss the most important corporate news on the day. Tickers mentioned: TSLA AAPL, PFE, XLRN, KRA
Published 09/27/21
US equity markets mixed on the week. In this episode we touch on the most impactful market moving events and themes since Monday including Evergrande's liquidity woes, the FOMC meeting and the possible government shutdown and debt ceiling risk. Tickers mentioned: BB, PRGS, NKE, FDX, IHS, MU
Published 09/24/21
US markets higher today with the "buy the dip" and "there are no other alternative" mantras being pinned as likely catalysts to today's price action. In this episode we continue our coverage of Evergrande's possible implosion, the looming debt ceiling/government shutdown and mention the biggest corporate movers on the day. Tickers mentioned: EAR, ATUS, RAD, TSLA, BB, FUL, DRI, CRM, MGM, PFE
Published 09/23/21
US equity markets up today. In this episode we cover the FOMC meeting earlier today, pertinent economic data, the latest out of Washington, faltering investor sentiment and note a number of companies who have recently reduced guidance Tickers mentioned: FDX, DRI, FB, SFIX, ADBE, GIS, AXTA, MMM, SHW
Published 09/22/21
US equity markets mixed in today's session on what was a choppy day of trading. No new macro themes coming into the fray with most attention on the usual suspects as well as the looming difficulties for Evergrande. Other themes discussed include crypto furthers its slide, squabbling continues in Washington and retail investors seem to be jumping into equities through the sell off. Tune In! Tickers mentioned: GIS, UBER, DIS, OSK, DKNG, TWNK
Published 09/21/21
Markets under pressure with most of the blame being placed on China (though a number of other factors in play). In this episode we briefly explore those factors as well as discuss the looming debt ceiling problem as well as touch on today's corporate news. Tickers Mentioned: TSLA, COIN, TRIP, BRKS,
Published 09/20/21
US equities on track to end the week lower amidst and increasingly unsettled macro narrative. Newsflow skewed negative, with China (regulatory crackdown, Evergrande), profit warnings (supply chain, shipping/energy costs) and continued gridlock in Washington garnering the most attention. Wednesday's FOMC meeting highlights the calendar for next week.
Published 09/17/21
US equities mostly lower in Thursday trading, though well off the days worst levels and the declines were very modest. Todays action follows a Wednesday bounce that saw the SandP up the most in over two weeks despite not having any clear catalysts. August headline retail sales rose 0.7% m/m, a surprise increase against estimates for a 0.9% contraction.
Published 09/16/21
US equities were higher in quiet trading, finishing just off best levels as the SandP 500 bounced off its 50-day moving average. The SandP logged its best day since late August after declining the past five out of six sessions. Very thin news flow In today’s session. Goldman Sachs is going to acquire GreenSky for $12 per share or $2.2B in an all stock deal.
Published 09/15/21
US equities lower, with growth reversing yesterday's underperformance vs. value, but all sectors in the red. The big story of the day was August CPI coming in below expectations, though this likely doesn't have any Fed implications. Quiet elsewhere, with Apple hosting a ho-hum product launch event.
Published 09/14/21
US Equity markets mixed today as negative sentiment continues to swirl on the street. In this episode we discuss the report in the Lancet affecting COVID vaccine makers, the latest with the stimulus bills in Washington as well as cover a slew of MandA news. Tune in! Tickers mentioned: AAPL, ITMR, TROX, TRU, CNI, DVAX, KTOS
Published 09/13/21