FV 133 : (Part 2) The “vin de pomme” from Pays Basque
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Buy Full Notes In this second part of my interview with Manolo we will talk about his confrérie (a society of people who get together to perpetuate a tradition, a skill): la Confrérie des amateurs de Sagarno de la Bidassoa. This society is currently under process to be part of the Unesco intangible cultural heritage list. Learn the reasons behind the decline then the revival of the art of making “vin de pomme”, the types of apples used for the process, the amount of wine produced by the fellowship. You’ll also find out why drinking wine gives you headaches! Thank you Mike for putting me in touch with Manolo! If you too know someone who would be a fantastic guest for French Voices, someone with a passion they would love to share, please get in touch! Vocab List aléas (nm plur) = hazards, vagaries, contingencies, risks ascenseur social (nm) = social mobility cahier des charges (nm) = (bill of) specifications casse-croûte (nm) (fam) = snack confrère (nm) = colleague ; fellow, brother confrérie (nf) = brotherhood, fellowship ; association, society, guild filer entre les doigts (de qn) = to slip through (sb)'s fingers grosso modo = roughly moine (nm) = monk prendre l'apéro (fam) = prendre l'apéritif = to have an aperitif pressoir (nm) = press regain (nm) = renewal, revival, resurgence ; rise rentable = profitable, money-making revendiquer sa basquitude = to claim one's basque origins soufre (nm) = sulphur valoir le coup = to be worth it verger (nm) = orchard Links and Resources Page Facebook : Bidasoako Sargadozaleen Kofradia French Voices episode 74 : "La Fine Mousse – the world of craft beer"
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