FV 134 : Dédé l’Ardéchois (Part 1): local heritage and history of the railway
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Buy Full Notes This interview is taking you to Ardèche, that (so) beautiful part of France where I used to spend the summer holidays as a child. Meet André Rouy aka « Dédé l’Ardéchois » and discover the history of the train network in Ardèche – the only French département which doesn’t operate any more trains. Dédé and the Association VIADUC 07 worked to protect that heritage. Dédé wrote several books and created a train museum which opened on the 30th anniversary of the last train running through Ardèche. He built it all himself, with humour as well as a unique way to optimise his small space. What can you see in the museum? Listen to find out! Vocab List Ardéchois,e (n) / ardéchois,e (adj) = from the Ardèche regioncharbon (nm) = coalcharrette (nf) = cart, barrowcheminot = railway workerdesservir = to stop at, to serve, to lead todévisser = to unscrew, detachélu,e (n) = elected member/representativeembranchement (nm) = junctionexposition (nf) = exhibitionferroviaire (adj) = related to the rail/railwaygîte (nm) = holiday cottage, vacation rentalmaquette (nf) = small-scale modelminerai (nm) = oreorthodontie (nf) = orthodonticspassage à niveau (nm) = railroad crossingpatrimoine (nm) = heritagepneu (nm) = tyrereconversion professionnelle (nf) = career changevis (nf) = screw Links and Resources http://ardeche-gites.fr/dede-lardechois/ museedutrain.fr https://www.facebook.com/andre.rouy FV 055 : Real Life Stories around the Beginning of Railway in Epernay: https://frenchvoicespodcast.com/episode55
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