#9 What to do when your super ain’t super
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How much superannuation do you have? How much have you got in the bank for retirement? How much do you plan to put away in the future, be it over the next two, ten or thirty years? This stuff matters. It’s critical you take an interest in it before retiring. In fact, the earlier you get serious about your super, the better life you’ll live after 65.
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It's all about investing but in a simple, jargon-free way that won't put you to sleep.
Published 11/04/20
Jamila is sneaking back into your podcast feed to share the audio of an incredibly special speech given by former Foreign Minister and Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop. Addressing a packed room of 350 women in Sydney, Bishop reflects candidly on her time in politics, shares insights into the...
Published 11/12/18
Published 11/12/18