It's all about investing but in a simple, jargon-free way that won't put you to sleep.
Published 11/04/20
Jamila is sneaking back into your podcast feed to share the audio of an incredibly special speech given by former Foreign Minister and Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop. Addressing a packed room of 350 women in Sydney, Bishop reflects candidly on her time in politics, shares insights into the turmoil in Canberra over recent months and offers her advice to women leaders of the future.
Published 11/12/18
Published 11/12/18
How much superannuation do you have? How much have you got in the bank for retirement? How much do you plan to put away in the future, be it over the next two, ten or thirty years? This stuff matters. It’s critical you take an interest in it before retiring. In fact, the earlier you get serious about your super, the better life you’ll live after 65.
Published 09/23/18
There’s no two ways about it, job interviews are terrifying. Like jumping out of planes or public speaking, anyone who says they have always and do always just love them and oh no they never get nervous – is flat out lying. But just like a public speaking, applying for a new job is a skill and that means through practice and hard work you can always get better. In this episode Jamila tackles how to prepare, what to apply for and what helps you stand out for the right reasons.
Published 09/16/18
There is nothing quite like pregnancy and birth to bring on all the emotions. You might be elated, you might be concerned, you might be upset, you might be excited but regardless of what else comes, there is always – at least – a tinge of fear. Jamila dives into starting a family, how it impacts your work and how to manage those challenges.
Published 09/09/18
Stepping up to a management role for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming. This week Jamila speaks to experts and leaders to for surprising tips on being a better leader and suggestions on taming that inner voice who whispers “you’re not good enough”.
Published 09/02/18
Do you have a work wife? Someone who has your back in the office, is always up for a sneaky flat white at 3pm and whom without work would simply be unbearable? This week Jamila tackles workplace friendships, why they matter and how they might actually make you better at your job.
Published 08/26/18
Do you know how much your best mate earns? How about the bloke sitting in the cubicle beside you at work - what’s his salary? What does your boss take home each week? The dirty business of money has never been the stuff of polite conversation and women especially tend to report that they feel funny talking about it… But today Jamila is asking you to change all that.
Published 08/19/18
Question: How many blokes does it take to organise a birthday cake and card for a beloved colleague? Answer: None. Kara already has it covered because she ‘remembers that sort of thing’. Jamila talks office housework, emotional labour and why it might be time for you to retire.
Published 08/12/18
There are more men called Andrew running Australia’s top 200 companies than there are women. Is it going to take more than good intentions to smash through that glass ceiling once and for all? Jamila talks quotas, targets, and KPIs.
Published 08/05/18
Join our editor-at-large Jamila Rizvi as she goes behind the scenes of Future Women, speaking to Annabel Crabb, Marina Go and Tracey Spicer about how it got off the ground just as #MeToo was breaking around the globe.
Published 07/22/18
The Future Women podcast is hosted by Jamila Rizvi. We’re on a mission to make you better at work. Each week you’ll meet inspiring guests, discover more about gender equity, hear real life stories of working women and learn clever, practical tips to help you get ahead. We’ll get you laughing and keep you thinking all at the same time.
Published 07/13/18