Pastor Michael Todd shares the powerful journey of turning a decision into discipline and ultimately into a desire, emphasizing its application to all aspects of life. Discussing his own health journey, Todd opens up about being an emotional eater and the impact it had on his well-being. Facing insecurities and realizing his current self was hindering his future vision, Todd embarked on a two-year health transformation, shedding over 50 pounds and experiencing a profound shift in confidence...
Published 03/23/24
Dr. John Delony believes that narcissism and self-interest are on the rise because we've abandoned traditional values and narratives that bind us together. He advocates restoring a sense of service, collaboration, and "us over me" to find fulfillment, create warmth, and build stronger relationships. Delony uses an evocative analogy - comparing relationships to the 9/11 towers - to argue that we must let go of the past and build something new after hardship. Overall, he makes a thoughtful case...
Published 03/22/24
Esther Perel says monogamy is now a choice rather than a given, so we must thoughtfully negotiate needs instead of feeling entitled to fulfill every desire. She believes partners who share core values and life vision, not just attraction, create relationships that thrive long-term. Though novelty and differences draw us in initially, over time differing worldviews often spark conflict with those we love. Ultimately Perel advises examining what fulfills us before exercising all our options.
Published 03/21/24
Macken Murphy and Lewis discuss the topic of jealousy in relationships. Lewis shares his personal experience with jealousy, explaining how it negatively impacted his past relationships and caused unnecessary stress and anxiety. He reveals a turning point in his mid-30s when he realized that jealousy was not beneficial and that if his partner wanted to leave, it would ultimately be a gift. Lewis emphasizes the importance of focusing on personal growth, being committed to the relationship...
Published 03/20/24
Daymond John was drawn to early hip hop’s realistic lyrics and style, finding his identity by embracing the culture. Struggling financially, he taught himself to sew the trends he couldn’t afford, quickly making $800 selling his homemade hats. Leveraging connections, he got rap stars to don his clothes in music videos, earning free promotion and credibility. Now Daymond encourages everyone to monetize their passion, just as he capitalized on his love for fashion despite no industry ties.
Published 03/19/24
Dr. Becky Kennedy, often referred to as the millennial parenting whisperer, discusses the importance of parents focusing on their own emotional regulation and leadership skills rather than solely trying to "fix" their children's behaviors. She emphasizes the need for parents to understand resilience and tolerance of difficult situations, teaching them to intervene effectively by modeling healthy responses. Kennedy highlights the long-term impact of parental actions on a child's development,...
Published 03/18/24
Dr. Steven Gundry says humans weren't designed to eat grains, beans, or nightshades, as their defense chemicals damage gut lining. He advises avoiding lectin-rich foods like peanuts and potatoes, or else pressure cooking them to deactivate these plant toxins. Since we lack defenses against New World crop compounds, Dr. Gundry believes peeling peppers and tomatoes or eliminating them boosts health. Ultimately he aims to prevent disorders caused by our mismatch with modern diets.
Published 03/17/24
Price Pritchett says when we aim for quantum leaps, defensive thoughts undermine trust in ourselves, so we must counterbalance that resistance. Visualizing the end goal helps motivate us through the messy middle of big transitions. To stay confident amidst complaints, we should continually reinforce the "promised land" to outweigh feared losses. Ultimately, he believes forewarning people about change's challenges better equips them to persist.
Published 03/16/24
Bill Perkins admits he misused his wealth chasing fame and girls before realizing relationships and new experiences truly fulfill him. He cautions against saving excessively for old age, since needs and abilities inevitably decline over time. Instead he recommends mapping out a “spend-down plan” to thoughtfully allocate assets toward desired activities until zero. Ultimately Bill believes maximizing enjoyment of health and wealth boils down to self-understanding.
Published 03/15/24
Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how trauma freezes experiences in the brain, conditioning our biology to relive the past daily. However, choosing emotions like joy and gratitude can quickly rewrite our neural wiring toward health and healing. Visualizing the best possible future signals gene expression, reversing disease and boosting immunity within days. Though external things trigger internal stress, we have the power to break free from victimhood.
Published 03/14/24
Chris Anderson, the head of TED, shares insights from wealthy individuals who found that giving generously often resulted in attracting more opportunities and success. Anderson highlights examples like Patagonia and Chobani as companies that have benefited from weaving generosity into their business models. He also provides creative suggestions for how companies could "give away" knowledge or assets to build reputation and attract top talent. For those seeking inspiration to live and lead...
Published 03/13/24
Shawn Stevenson explains how our culture guides poor health behaviors, so we must lead by positive example, starting with intentional family meals. Research shows eating together just 3 times weekly protects health and prevents disease better than any medicine. Breaking bread builds bonds that alleviate stress, which drives 80% of doctor visits. Ultimately, the foundation of wellness is coming together over wholesome meals.
Published 03/12/24
Dr. Michael Greger, a renowned nutrition expert, shares his insights on the top anti-aging foods. He emphasizes the remarkable benefits of legumes, such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas, for promoting longevity and reducing inflammation. Dr. Greger also highlights walnuts as the standout nut for their high omega-3 and antioxidant content, recommending a daily palmful for optimal health. He also advocates for incorporating whole, unprocessed grains like steel-cut oats and oat groats into one's...
Published 03/11/24
Jim Kwik learning struggles made him feel broken, but inspired him to master his mind and memory. Pushing himself to unhealthy extremes, Jim collapsed and realized his self-limiting beliefs created his problems. By studying how to learn, Kwik transformed his abilities in just 60 days. Now he aims to help others unlock their brainpower and achieve their dreams.
Published 03/10/24
John Maxwell believes leadership ability determines success, so he's dedicated his life to teaching critical skills like relationship-building and casting vision. Valuing people and integrity enable leaders to unite teams behind a shared purpose. However, today's divided climate shows how some manipulate followers instead of adding value. Despite frustrations, John still believes in leadership's power to lift people up.
Published 03/09/24
Tony Robbins believes gratitude is key to living a rich life, regardless of your bank account. He shares how giving back fed his soul during tough times, leading to his pledge to provide 100 million meals. Even when he had little, contributing to others created abundance and moved him beyond scarcity. Now his focus is on lifting up people facing food insecurity.
Published 03/08/24
Rhonda Byrne shares profound wisdom on manifesting wealth through the law of attraction. She challenges the notion that money isn't spiritual, emphasizing that everything is spiritual, and people often block wealth by thinking they don't deserve it. Byrne delves into the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs, highlighting that an abundance mindset and open-mindedness are key to attracting money from various sources. She recounts her personal journey of transforming lack into abundance...
Published 03/07/24
Alex Honnold recounts that though he has witnessed tragic climbing accidents and the sobering fragility of life while pushing extremes, staying open to loss and grief is essential, as going numb leads people to underestimate risks and make poor choices. He notes while the emotional stakes differ, the fear of failure in competitive arenas can subjectively feel as intense as mortal danger depending on one's psyche and neuroses. Honnold believes managing fear and persevering through discomfort...
Published 03/06/24
Erwin McManus delves into the shadows that haunt him and the constant struggle to overcome the fear of not living up to his full potential. McManus emphasizes the importance of living a life of intention rather than obligation, recounting his personal journey as a Christian pastor who also pursues unconventional passions like fashion design. He shares the liberating realization that his inner voice, advocating for intentional living, holds more power than the external criticisms he faces....
Published 03/05/24
Charles Duhigg highlights research showing social connections, not prestige or wealth, most determine happiness and longevity, with double the close friends equating to 20 more years; he argues combating isolation begins with conversation skills, which historically were taught but now are overlooked, causing uncertainty. Duhigg defines "supercommunicators" as those who make us feel heard and valued, a learnable skill not innate charisma, just as babies babble to master language; by...
Published 03/04/24
Wim Hof explains how plunging into icy waters showed him the power of conscious breathing to regulate body chemistry and adapt to stress. He advises that by training ourselves to breathe deeply, we can withstand heat, cold, grief - any extreme situation life throws at us. Hof wants to demystify human limits, show how adapting brain connections expands consciousness and perception. If we consciously connect neurological channels, he believes spirituality becomes a practical, accessible way of...
Published 03/03/24
Jameela Jamil observes that we're an impatient, overstimulated culture seeking shortcuts and instant gratification in all areas of life. She advises that nothing good ever comes fast - self-improvement requires incremental change through education, diverse perspectives, thoughtful debate, and influencing your inner circle first. Jamil reflects on her own rapid fame and realizes she couldn't process her impact; she advocates slow, careful growth allowing time to consider, strategize and...
Published 03/02/24
Rich Paul, a prominent sports agent, reflects on his journey from playing multiple roles, including stylist and jeweler, to becoming a powerful figure in the sports industry. He emphasizes the importance of relationships, hustle, and adaptability. Paul shares valuable lessons, highlighting the business aspect of sports and the need for a long-term mindset. He discusses the observer's paradox, the value of consistency, and the significance of evolving, managing transitions, and creating...
Published 03/01/24
Mark Manson explores the dynamics of long-term relationships, emphasizing the importance of alignment on key values while acknowledging the natural evolution of individuals over time. Mark delves into the challenges that arise when partners diverge in their beliefs around money, religion, and family, suggesting that surviving misalignment on one but not all of these issues is possible. He also shares personal experiences of intentional evolution within his own marriage, communicating...
Published 02/29/24
Cedric the Entertainer shares valuable insights into his mindset shift throughout his career, from his early days in St. Louis to his current success. Cedric emphasizes the importance of humility, hard work, and the constant need to earn success, debunking the idea of entitlement. He reflects on moments of self-awareness during periods of fame and how he navigates the changing landscape of comedy, expressing admiration for the unique talents of the younger generation. Cedric's collaborative...
Published 02/28/24