Published 03/20/23
After losing his empire, Humayun receives help from an unlikely source: the Safavid Empire.
Published 03/20/23
As Humayun struggles to establish his authority, Portugal struggles to create a new trade network in the subcontinent.
Published 03/13/23
With the Rajputs pacified for the time being, Babur turns his attention to his Afghan enemies.
Published 03/06/23
Babur has two major obstacles standing in his way in India. One of them, are the Rajputs, a mighty warrior caste.
Published 02/27/23
Babur begins his first raids into India setting the stage for the establishment of the Mughal Dynasty.
Published 02/20/23
Babur begins his invasion of Afghanistan but has to deal with the Uzbek warlord, Shaybani Khan.
Published 02/13/23
The early life of Babur and his attempts to capture Samarkand.
Published 02/06/23
Discussing the rise and conquests of Timur the Lame.
Published 01/30/23
Discussing the breakup of the Mongol Empire.
Published 01/23/23
Hulegu Khan and the Ilkhanate initiates a siege on the Abbasid capital of Baghdad in 1258.
Published 01/16/23
Genghis Khan leads his Mongol army into Central Asia. One of his first opponents, is the Muslim Khwarezm Shah Empire. This begins the long, bloody, and brutal Mongol invasion of the Muslim world.
Published 01/09/23
In this episode, we discuss the rise of Genghis Khan, and how he united the Mongol tribes and began expanding into China and Central Asia.
Published 01/02/23
Introducing the Mughal Empire
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