Who is the Israel lobby?
Published 05/13/24
Published 05/13/24
An interview with the Islamic Vibez Podcast
Published 05/09/24
Did the Palestinians ever truly want peace?
Published 04/29/24
Does the U.S. benefit from the special relationship?
Published 04/22/24
Why does the United States support Israel?
Published 04/16/24
A portion of the first episode of the third season of the Umayyad Caliphate.
Published 01/29/24
Farrukh Siyar angers the wrong people.
Published 01/22/24
Farrukh Siyar revolts against Jahandar
Published 01/15/24
A new alliance brings a new Emperor.
Published 01/08/24
The short reign of Bahadur Shah
Published 01/01/24
Why did Aurangzeb impose the jizyah?
Published 12/25/23
The final days of Aurangzeb
Published 12/18/23
Aurangzeb fights Afghans, English, Marathas, and Rajputs.
Published 12/04/23
The Marathas and the Deccan are problems for Aurangzeb
Published 11/20/23
A winner emerges from the fratricidal war.
Published 11/13/23
The fratricidal war begins.
Published 11/06/23
Shah Jahan’s ambitions cause problems for the Mughals.
Published 10/30/23
The death of Jahangir and the rise of Shah Jahan
Published 10/23/23
Discussing the recent events in Gaza
Published 10/16/23
As Jahangir grows sicker and more dependent on his wife and opium, a political scuffle begins.
Published 10/05/23
Prince Khusrau rebelled against his father, Emperor Jehangir, in 1606 in a bid for the Mughal throne, leading to a tumultuous struggle for power and eventual defeat.
Published 09/25/23
The death and legacy of Akbar the Great.
Published 09/18/23
How did Akbar manage his sprawling empire?
Published 09/11/23
Introducing Season 9 of the Islamic History Podcast where we continue the story of the Mughal Empire.
Published 09/04/23