When our hearts run dry, and our good works languish, the Bible bids us: “Consider the end.”
Published 03/05/23
Published 01/29/23
When it comes to missions, reasons abound to stay rather than to go. But for every apparent obstacle, countless promises say, “It will be worth it.”
Published 01/29/23
David Mathis | Pastors are first and foremost teachers, but they are not only teachers. They feed the sheep and lead the sheep — and they lead by feeding.
Published 01/20/23
David Mathis | The pastors we all want are men who want to pastor, who want to see God move in them and through them for the joy of others.
Published 01/19/23
What do we call an obsessively self-centered person? An egomaniac. Then what should we call God, who demands all our praise? We call him gracious.
Published 01/08/23
John Piper | Your prayers and financial support help us bring more people into the fullest enjoyment of the greatest treasure ever found. For every $10 per month you give, we can reach 70 more people with God-centered resources. Would you join us as a monthly partner? https://dsr.gd/Give
Published 12/29/22
When we pray for God to preserve us, we ask that he would be not only our Lord, but our life — not only our God, but our highest and everlasting good.
Published 12/29/22
At the root of all conflict is man’s conflict with God. At Christmas, we celebrate that God took the initiative to establish true peace.
Published 12/25/22
David Mathis | When speaking of God, we grope for fresh language to name the greatness of God. Might we learn to reach more often for the word “majesty”?
Published 12/18/22
The Puritans took joy seriously because they read the Bible carefully. They saw that delight in God is at the heart of all true obedience.
Published 12/11/22
David Mathis | “For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.” How happy might we be if we heeded Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s counsel?
Published 12/05/22
David Mathis | “For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.” How happy might we be if we heeded Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s famous counsel?
Published 12/04/22
David Mathis | The Father not only planned for his Son to die, but was pleased to crush him. And for those in Christ, this can be as comforting as it is astonishing.
Published 12/01/22
Before he created the earth, God knew pain would plague this world. And not only knew, but planned. And not only planned — but purposed.
Published 11/27/22
You will not be perfect in this life, but you can be pleasing to God. You can become a real ingredient in the divine happiness.
Published 11/20/22
The individual soul’s affection for God is essential to the corporate, eternal reality of the worshiping church.
Published 11/17/22
David Mathis | Blessed is the leader who meditates on God’s law day and night — not just in public, but all the more in secret.
Published 11/06/22
David Mathis | When loss surrounds us, when fears assail us, we have a banner to which to flee. We turn to the God who has spoken, and there find real hope and strength.
Published 10/30/22
David Mathis | Good preachers carry many burdens before preaching, while preaching, and after preaching — and the rewards still outweigh the costs.
Published 10/23/22
John Piper | When glad in God, we bend low in love for others. We imitate Christ, who not only bowed the knee but hung his body on the tree.
Published 10/02/22
David Mathis | Psalm 46 teaches us God can handle the earth’s undoing and nations raging against his people — and that if he can do that, he can be a very present help in our trouble.
Published 08/21/22
God promises us his life-sustaining presence, even as he leads us into waterless regions of suffering and loss.
Published 08/07/22
John Piper | Faith does not shipwreck upon the rocks of history, logic, science, or ethics, but on the mountains of sinful desire.
Published 07/03/22
John Piper | Humility flourishes in hearts that focus not on being humble, but on gladly exalting Jesus, who is superior to us in every possible way.
Published 06/26/22