There is a kind of unhealthy preaching that fails to make plain the effective connection between the sin-bearing work of Christ and the sin-killing work of the Christian.
Published 05/08/22
Why does the apostle Paul speak so much about himself and his suffering? Because his suffering for the sake of others makes the love of Christ tangible to them.
Published 05/01/22
Published 05/01/22
David Mathis | Why would Christians exercise? Working and pushing these bodies, as God designed them, serves our learning, our joy, and our love.
Published 04/24/22
David Mathis | What if, with some intentionality, the news could become a source of refreshment rather than a continual distraction and discouragement?
Published 04/17/22
The sovereign supremacy of Christ both keeps us from error and enables us to persevere through hardships with patience and joyful thankfulness.
Published 04/14/22
Joy in God becomes our stronghold when we are awakened to see and savor him as our greatest joy.
Published 04/10/22
What does Bible reading look like for John Piper? In this message to fathers, he tells personal stories and shares how he has weaved Bible reading into all of life.
Published 03/27/22
David Mathis | How do we meet with God in his word for a lifetime? Every morning, seek to gather a day’s portion.
Published 03/20/22
Tony Reinke | Is a lightning rod — and by extension, all other tech — an act of faith or an act of God-thwarting unbelief?
Published 03/13/22
David Mathis | Before we step out to attempt big, ambitious things for Jesus, we need to prepare ourselves to receive and embrace the humbling that will inevitably come.
Published 03/06/22
Tony Reinke | Many of us today love to swipe, scroll, and stare, but hardly read. Tony Reinke shares 23 tips for reading more and better in a digital age.
Published 01/23/22
John Piper | Prayer says more than the words it speaks. The act of praying vocalizes a profound reality: God himself abides in us, and we abide in him.
Published 01/10/22
David Mathis | Moses made an audacious request. God answered — but only in part. And what he revealed at Sinai pales in comparison to Calvary.
Published 01/03/22
The first Christmas brought good news. With it came fearless, great joy for all those who confess, “Jesus is Lord.”
Published 12/23/21
The church exists for missions — and because of missions. God plans for his people to come from the peoples, a promise he first made to Israel.
Published 12/19/21
In 2021, Bethlehem Baptist celebrated 150 years as a church. As part of the celebration service, former pastor John Piper reflects on how a church could endure, and bear fruit, over generations.
Published 12/12/21
David Mathis | God made us to be led, every one of us. He designed us to thrive, not in autonomy, but under the wisdom and care of worthy leaders.
Published 11/14/21
God plans to win the world with singing. Here are five connections between our joy-filled worship and the finishing of the Great Commission.
Published 11/07/21
John Piper | About changes to this podcast.
Published 11/04/21
The Lamb who was slain will one day receive the reward of his suffering — people will come to him in joyful faith from every tribe, tongue, and nation.
Published 08/08/21
One of the most challenging commands in all the Bible is to rejoice when reviled. It’s not just difficult; it is humanly impossible.
Published 07/25/21
Christ has secured innumerable benefits for his people. But without this central, most foundational achievement, all the rest would collapse.
Published 05/09/21