Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies straining to come up with ridiculous ways to attack Sen. Kamala Harris after her first public appearance as Joe Biden’s running mate yesterday. Then, comedian Sam Jay talks about writing a Cardi B-inspired Saturday Night Live sketch for Seth, shares what it was like to work on Eddie Murphy's return to SNL and reveals how her girlfriend helps out with her comedy. 
Published 08/14/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president trying to undermine the integrity of the election by sabotaging the post office because he knows he can’t win in November with a majority of votes. Sarah Snook addresses whispers of when the third season of Succession will begin taping, shares how Halloween helped her realize how big Succession has become and clears up when her real birthday is.
Published 08/12/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president announcing a bunch of meaningless and blatantly unconstitutional executive orders in a PR stunt at his golf course. Then, Tracee Ellis Ross urges people to vote up and down the entire ballot in the general election, shares her unfortunate Amazon toilet paper mishap and talks about dabbling in music for the first time in The High Note, despite her mother being Diana Ross.
Published 08/11/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump calling into friendly TV shows to promise the pandemic will go away while our urgent national health crisis deepens. Then, CNN journalists Dana Bash, Kaitlan Collins and Kyung Lah discuss the documentary On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries, the coronavirus pandemic and diversity in journalism. 
Published 08/07/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president rushing back to Fox News after stepping out of his right-wing media bubble for a disastrous interview with Axios. Then, Seth Rogen talks about his film An American Pickle, reminisces on performing stand-up as a 13-year-old and shares stories about his grandparents.
Published 08/06/20
Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration scrapping a nationwide testing plan because they wanted to blame Democrats for the coronavirus pandemic. Then, Sean Penn discusses his recent socially distant wedding, his nonprofit CORE helping with COVID-19 testing and his audition for Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Published 08/04/20
In this podcast exclusive interview, Seth interviews Chris Evans and Mark Kassen about their new civics engagement website, AStartingPoint.com.
Published 08/03/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president suggesting delaying the November election, which would be a flagrant violation of the Constitution and the law. Then, Dan Levy discusses Schitt's Creek going from a small production to an Emmy-nominated show, shares stories from the time he was a red carpet correspondent and talks about Schitt's Creek being a love letter to the LGBTQ community.
Published 07/31/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies in the right-wing media amplifying an unhinged viral video lying about the coronavirus. Then, Billy Porter shares Billie Eilish's role in the creation of his motorized fringe hat, what he has been working on since the upcoming season of Pose was postponed due to the pandemic and his grassroots campaign Be an Arts Hero.
Published 07/30/20
Seth takes a closer look at the morally and intellectually bankrupt Republican party squabbling over cutting unemployment benefits, sending secret police into American cities and whining about cartoons. Then, he speaks to Senator Kamala Harris.
Published 07/28/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump sending more federal officers into cities and trying to convince people he’s taking the pandemic seriously and that his brain works. Then, he talks to MSNBC's Joy Reid, host of the new show The ReidOut.
Published 07/24/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump trying to convince Americans he suddenly cares about the pandemic he’s been ignoring for months. Then, actor Chris Evans talks about his civic engagement site A Starting Point and why he wants to give elected officials a bipartisan platform to explain and debate policy.
Published 07/23/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s terrifying interview with Chris Wallace in which he made clear that he does not care about the pandemic, as he sends secret police to American cities to snatch protestors off the street. Then, he talks to SNL's Colin Jost about his new book, "A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir."
Published 07/21/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president shaking up his flailing campaign as the coronavirus outbreak spirals further out of control. Then, he speaks with the legendary actor and comedian Martin Short.
Published 07/17/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president and his political allies telling people to suck it up and deal with the out-of-control coronavirus outbreak. Then, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth addresses Tucker Carlson's criticisms of her policies and shares her fears for the U.S. reopening schools too soon without proper sanitation methods.
Published 07/16/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump trying to force students and teachers back to school without a plan to keep them safe. Then, Andy Samberg takes over Late Night with Seth Meyers by interviewing Seth on topics like fatherhood, Weekend Update anchors and Hamilton.
Published 07/14/20
On this first episode of Late Night Lit, Late Night's new literary podcast, supervising producer Sarah Jenks-Daly talks to two-time Pulitzer winning author Colson Whitehead. She also speaks with Danielle Mullen, founder of Semicolon, the only black female owned bookstore in Chicago. Plus, hear some book recommendations from members of the Late Night staff. Books mentioned in this episode: "The Nickel Boys" by Colson Whitehead "Zone One" by Colson Whitehead "The Underground Railroad"...
Published 07/10/20
Seth talks to authors C. Pam Zhang ("How Much of These Hills Is Gold") and Sarah Kendzior ("Hiding in Plain Sight"). Be on the lookout for Late Night Lit, our new podcast franchise, in this feed tomorrow. That episode features Late Night producer Sarah Jenks-Daly interviewing acclaimed author Colson Whitehead and Semicolon bookstore owner Danielle Mullen.
Published 07/08/20
Hear some selections featuring two of Late Night's favorite guests, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. You can also watch the videos on Late Night's YouTube channel.
Published 07/07/20
Listen to the best clips from Amy Poehler on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Check out the video on YouTube.
Published 07/05/20
Listen to some of the most hilarious moments from John Mulaney’s interviews on Late Night with Seth Meyers. You can also watch the video on YouTube.
Published 07/02/20
Hear some selections from "Quarantine Love," the hottest R&B album focusing on socially isolated romance. Then, Seth interviews comedian Wanda Sykes. Finally, he checks in with Amber Ruffin about how to be a better ally.
Published 06/29/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president deciding to inhabit an alternate reality where the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist, even as the US sets a single-day record for new cases. Then, he talks to actor and comedian John Early about the new season of "Search Party."
Published 06/26/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies on Fox News doubling down on racism as the strategy for his re-election. Then, he talks to comedian Mike Birbiglia.
Published 06/25/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump staking his political fortunes on a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that turned out to be a dud. Then, he talks to Judd Apatow about his new movie "The King of Staten Island."
Published 06/23/20