In this podcast exclusive conversation, Seth talks to Amber Ruffin, host of The Amber Ruffin Show on Peacock, away from his desk in Studio 8G.
Published 10/16/20
Late Night writers predict what more surprises will arise from now until Election Day, although reality has outwitted them. Then, Yaa Gyasi talks about shadowing her neuroscientist friend for her new book, "Transcendent Kingdom," how her Ghanaian heritage influenced her writing and the new readership of her first novel, "Homegoing."
Published 10/15/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s ongoing election-induced meltdown and the White House’s attempt to cover up its expanding COVID-19 outbreak. This special edition of A Closer Look aired live in prime time on October 8. Then, David Remnick talks about the changes to The New Yorker Festival 2020, discusses President Trump's response to the pandemic and to climate change and expands upon topics from his new book, The Fragile Earth.
Published 10/09/20
Seth takes a closer look at a symptomatic Trump staging a reckless photo op after leaving the hospital, using it as an occasion to downplay COVID-19 to Americans. Then, Bob Woodward talks about Donald Trump's reactions to his book, "Rage," discusses his interviews with the president about COVID-19 and reveals an important piece of advice he received from The Washington Post's late owner, Katherine Graham.
Published 10/07/20
This is the first part of our three-part series Late Night Political Party, in which Late Night with Seth Meyers staffers reflect on what it's like to work on a comedy show in a truly unprecedented time in American politics. In this episode, supervising producer Henry Melcher talks to the members of the show's guest research department, comprised of Kat Spillane, Matt Reimann and Elisabeth Roberts. They discuss what goes into preparing Seth Meyers for his interviews with politicians and...
Published 10/06/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump and a bunch of high-ranking Republican officials testing positive for the coronavirus, putting an untold number of people at risk. Then, he talks to actor Jessica Chastain.
Published 10/06/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump trying to paint Biden as drugged up and senile while attempting to steal the election by lying about voter fraud. Cecily Strong talks about her iconic Jeanine Pirro impersonation on Weekend Update, shares which impersonation never made it to Saturday Night Live and discusses her upcoming musical comedy series.
Published 10/02/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump debasing himself and the nation on live TV and his deranged sycophants making excuses for his performance. Then, political commentator Brian Stelter talks about Chris Wallace's remarks about the first presidential debate, being one of Fox News' "hate objects" and what Sean Hannity really thinks of Trump.
Published 10/01/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump being on the verge of putting a third justice on the Supreme Court after pulling one of the greatest tax cheats in American history. Then, he talks to comedian Colin Quinn about his new book "Overstated: A Coast-to-Coast Roast of the 50 States."
Published 09/29/20
On today's episode of Late Night Lit, Late Night supervising producer Sarah Jenks-Daly speaks with Meena Harris, an entrepreneur, lawyer, founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and author of "Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea," a children's book about her aunt Kamala Harris and her mother Maya Harris. Then, she speaks with Karen Russell, a Pulitzer finalist and author of the novella "Sleep Donation."  Plus, hear some book recommendations from members of the Late Night staff. Mentioned...
Published 09/28/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power while Republicans formulate a plan to steal the election through the courts. Then, Seth talks to Sarah Paulson.
Published 09/25/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump holding another packed rally after telling his supporters that virtually nobody is affected by a disease that has killed at least 200,000 Americans. Then, H. Jon Benjamin talks about getting recognized by his voice, shares what his son thinks of Archer and Bob’s Burgers and discusses his jazz album.
Published 09/24/20
Seth takes a closer look at Republicans rushing to fill the Supreme Court seat left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and force through a conservative supermajority that will help them cement minority rule for a generation. Then, Neil deGrasse Tyson confirms the possibility of an asteroid colliding with Earth on Election Day, talks about America’s resistance to science and data and discusses Cosmos: Possible Worlds.
Published 09/22/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president blaming "blue states" for coronavirus deaths and Attorney General William Barr calling for sedition charges against protestors. Then, Stacey Abrams talks about her documentary covering voter suppression in the United States, lays out a plan for how to make sure every vote counts and shares what she thinks the outcome of the 2020 election will be.
Published 09/18/20
Seth takes a closer look at the president participating in an ABC town hall with undecided voters last night where he lied as often as he breathed. Larry Wilmore talks about launching his late-night show during a pandemic, reveals his favorite In Living Color sketch he wrote and discusses covering the upcoming election on his late-night show.
Published 09/17/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and the Republican Party descending deeper into lawless authoritarianism as wildfires and an out-of-control pandemic continue to rage. Michael Schmidt shares the lengths he would go to while covering stories about the president, talks about what it was like to interview President Trump and shares his thoughts on Trump’s changes to his administration.
Published 09/15/20
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump confessing on tape that he knew about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and lied to the American people. Then, Seth's exclusive interview with Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal lawyer and author of the book "Disloyal."
Published 09/11/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump holding an old-fashioned campaign rally in North Carolina, as if the coronavirus pandemic that’s still raging out of control had just magically disappeared. Then, Glenn Howerton shares an update on life in California during the pandemic and wildfires and the return of A.P. Bio.
Published 09/10/20
Seth takes a closer look at Trump ignoring the coronavirus pandemic and pretending he’s anti-war in response to the news that he insulted veterans. Jane Fonda talks about how her activism has changed over the years, Fire Drill Fridays and her fight against climate change and getting arrested during the Nixon administration.
Published 09/09/20
John Lutz and Paula Pell talk about writing each other's characters in Mapleworth Murders.
Published 09/04/20
Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on President Trump quietly rolling back environmental legislations, ultimately harming the environment and disproportionately impacting people of color in the process. Then, Jake Tapper talks about getting feedback from veterans for his book-turned-movie The Outpost and how he and his colleagues are preparing for 2020 election night.
Published 09/02/20
Seth talks to Jeff Goldblum about reuniting with Sam Neill and Laura Dern to shoot the latest Jurassic World movie and shares a story about one of the dangerous T-Rex props in the original Jurassic Park film. Then, he interviews Jason Sudeikis about his kids’ acting styles and the evolution of his character Ted Lasso.
Published 08/31/20
On the second episode of Late Night Lit, "Late Night" supervising producer Sarah Jenks-Daly interviews two remarkable women in the world of literature. First, she talks with Raven Leilani, author of the New York Times bestselling novel "Luster." She then talks to Lisa Lucas, Executive Director of the National Book Foundation, and starting in January the publisher at Pantheon and Schocken Books.
Published 08/28/20
Seth talks to actors J.B. Smoove and Busy Philipps.
Published 08/27/20
Seth talks to new writer Jeff Wright about what's going on with TikTok, and then interviews Kenan Thompson about "Saturday Night Live" and his new podcast "You Already Know."
Published 08/25/20