2-Month Return to Run to Get Ready for Lululemon’s Ultra: FURTHER
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Can one return to form as an ultra runner with just two months of a recovery program? Stefanie Flippin, a Lululemon athlete, is living proof that it's possible. In this episode, Stefanie takes us through her journey as a physician, a professional runner and a coach. She discusses her recovery and training following a bone stress injury that sidelined her at the end of 2023. This eventually culminated in her triumphant performance at the Lululemon FURTHER event—a six-day ultramarathon spanning over 100 miles.   Stefanie touches on the specific challenges and adjustments in her training leading up to the Lululemon FURTHER event, particularly her cautious approach following her recovery from COVID-19 and a subsequent stress reaction in her sacrum. Thanks to the Lever system, she managed a controlled and effective return to running, gradually increasing her outdoor activity while managing the load on her body to prevent further injury.   Beyond her achievements, Stefanie is deeply committed to fostering growth within the trail running community, promoting diversity, and improving accessibility within the sport. Her story is an example of resilience, strategic recovery, and the innovative use of training tools like the Lever Movement system to overcome setbacks.   Quotes “I’m really opposed to the idea of waiting until your golden years. People just work so, so hard. You can work hard but still enjoy the moment that you’re in now and not waste—I don’t want to say waste your youth—but these are the golden years. Every moment is that. I don’t think that we should wait until we’re 65 to pursue what sets our heart on fire.” (16:09 | Stefanie Flippin) “What do I actually want to accomplish in this sport? Is it purely performance-oriented? And I came to the conclusion that it’s actually not. My performance goals are very important to me and I feel like I hold those tightly in one hand. But on the other hand, I feel like it’s also just as important to me to build community, to empower other runners, to build diversity in this sport, and to make it as accessible as possible.” (19:34 | Stefanie Flippin) “Regardless if the athlete wants to continue on, I want them to have a good and positive empowering experience with the race and just their training along the way so that it’s not something where they cross the finish line hating the sport and the experience they just had.” (24:14 | Stefanie Flippin) “It was really, really nice to have the lever system where I could just offload a ton of body weight, but then just run for 20 minutes. And it actually feels like overground running without that stop, start, stop, start.” (34:01 | Stefanie Flippin) “I want to get a good feeling racing. Not to say that it’s non-competitive, but just something that feels good. And I think that that’s always smart. That’s something that I recommend to any level of athlete entering back after injury. You don’t need to stress yourself out by entering into a national championship race. Just set joyful goals, make it fun again.” (44:07 | Stefanie Flippin)    Links Connect with Stefanie Flippin: https://www.instagram.com/stefanieannflippin/ https://www.instagram.com/levermovement/  https://www.instagram.com/bradmiles/ https://levermovement.com/   Podcast production and show notes provided by HiveCast.fm  
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