Well before John Wayne Glover started his murder spree in Sydney, he showed disturbing signs closer to home. Andrew talks with someone who knew him as a very young and very disturbed man. Read podcast companions and more at: heraldsun.com.au/andrewrule. Get more great Herald Sun podcasts at: heraldsun.com.au/podcasts
Published 10/12/19
South Australia's mid north is a land of desolate towns and dark secrets. It was here that police investigating the disappearance of Martin Meffert made a macabre find. Read companion pieces and more at: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-rule
Published 10/05/19
Every story has a beginning. The death of Jaidyn Leskie had its roots in a family melodrama that spanned generations.
Published 09/28/19
It was 22 years ago that the death of Jaidyn Leskie captivated the nation. Andrew Rule outlines the crime and investigation into his disappearance. Subscribe to the Herald Sun for Andrew's columns and podcast companions.
Published 09/21/19
They're the modern day pirates picking cold gold from the seabed. But the abalone poachers of southern Australia are only ever a step or two in front of the law.
Published 09/14/19
It's not only heartbreak that Paul Carter has allegedly left behind in his wake. A number of investors and companies say they are counting the cost of having done business with him. Read the four-part series
Published 09/08/19
Paul Carter is a charming man who, if his ex wives are to be believed, has left a trail of heartbreak and financial ruin in his wake. Guest host Anthony Dowsley and crime reporter Aneeka Simonis outline the allegations against him. Read the four-part special
Published 09/07/19
When children go missing, police and the press scramble to get the word out. And sometimes crucial information slips through the cracks. Read more Andrew Rule. Subscribe to the Herald Sun.
Published 09/07/19
In the face of danger, some rush in while others run away - and often they make headlines. Andrew Rule recounts some well known, and less well known, have-a-go heroes. Read the podcast companion and more. Subscribe to the Herald Sun.
Published 08/31/19
It's been a long road back for teacher Rob Hunter after he was kidnapped with his young students. He talks with Andrew about the what-ifs of the ordeal, and the power of forgiveness. Read more Andrew Rule. Get more info about Rob Hunter's book Day 9 at Wooreen. For help with emotional difficulties, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or www.lifeline.org.au For help with depression, contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 or at www.beyondblue.org.au The SANE Helpline is 1800 18SANE (7263) or at...
Published 08/24/19
Rob Hunter was all of 20 year's old when a criminal kidnapped him and the young students in his care. He talks with Andrew about the ordeal. Read more Andrew Rule. Get more info about Rob Hunter's book Day 9 at Wooreen
Published 08/17/19
He was a cold-blooded murderer who turned on his mates - and was hanged for his crimes. But how many lives did Robert Francis Burns really take? Jen Kelly from the Herald Sun podcast In Black and White takes up the story. NOTE: Disturbing content. Subscribe to In Black and White by searching in your favourite podcast app, or get more info. Read an extract from Grave Tales, or get more information on the book.
Published 08/13/19
It's a tale guns, drugs, wild dogs and deer heads. A group of rogue hunters are ripping up country Victoria and leaving a trail of destruction and death in their wake. Andrew Rule explains. Read the podcast companion for photos and more
Published 08/10/19
WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT. Andrew continues his conversation with Jock, a veteran of the turf who rubbed shoulders with the who's who of Australia's underworld.
Published 08/03/19
Jock was one of the best in the field on the turf. But the pressure on the track was nothing compared to his run-ins with Jimmy the Triad, George Freeman and the other men who ruled the racing underground. Read podcast companions and more
Published 07/27/19
From the mafia to Mokbel, the building industry has attracted its share of shady characters. Andrew Rule examines how it relates to Melbourne's current cladding crisis. Read more Andrew Rule podcast companions
Published 07/20/19
Drug cook 'Beechworth' Bob Slusarczyk didn't have a motorhome, but he did have an ultralight aircraft. And when it fell from the sky, the question had to be asked: who was Bob working for? Read the companion piece and more
Published 07/13/19
WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT. Within the Pettingill crime family, two sons will be remembered as the most dangerous. Andrew Rule tells their story. Read the companion feature and more.
Published 07/06/19
The happy facade of family can often conceal a shadowy world of lies and deception, as Andrew Rule explains. Read the podcast companion.
Published 06/29/19
Alexander Robert MacDonald was a bandit and escapee who terrorised hundreds across Australia. But his worst crime would be against a lonely dad from Melbourne. Read more about the shocking crime.
Published 06/22/19
Andrew is joined by Jen Kelly, the host of the podcast In Black and White, to talk about a collection of colourful characters from Melbourne's past who found themselves on the wrong side of the law.
Published 06/16/19
When Julian Knight opened fire on passers-by at Hoddle St in 1987, it would go down in Australian history as our first American-style mass-shooting. Andrew Rule looks at the mind of the man who caused the carnage. Read Keith Moor's account of meeting Knight.
Published 06/15/19
When police raided a shipment of Italian tomatoes, they found themselves seizing the world's biggest ecstasy haul.... And there were no surprises which crime organisation was behind it. Keith Moor joins Andrew Rule to discuss the bust. Read Keith's original in-depth investigation.
Published 06/08/19
As he stood in the street of an Italian town, hot on the heels of a mafia supergrass, journalist Keith Moor found himself looking down the barrels of three shotguns. He tells his remarkable tale to Andrew Rule. Subscribe to the Herald Sun at https://www.heraldsun.com.au/jabra
Published 06/01/19
What's it really like to summit Mt Everest? As the death toll on the mountain rises, journalist Matthew Kitchin outlines to Andrew Rule how perilous the journey to the world's highest peak can be. Read Kitchin's first-person account of his trek.
Published 05/30/19