Lights Out
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Dressed as Santa Claus, Bruce Pardo went on a shooting rampage at his ex-wife's family Christmas party, taking the lives of 9 people and leaving 13 children orphaned.
Published 12/24/21
Generation after generation proved that the extended family of Nikko Jenkins was nothing but trouble. Assault, theft, and child abuse ran through the family. But after a bloody murder spree in Omaha, Nikko left his mark as the worst of them all.
Published 12/17/21
Andrei Chikatilo stabbed, strangled, and murdered over 50 young women and children in the deep woods of the USSR. He disemboweled his victims, drank their blood, and even chewed on their private parts, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most depraved serial killers of all time.
Published 12/10/21