“ The forgotten atrocities of the early 1970s. A former Momma's boy and Candyshop president named Dean Corll abducted, raped, and tortured more than 28 boys and young men before murdering them. Overshadowed by the Killer Clown and the Son of Sam, this story is mostly forgotten today. And Houston, America's "City of the Future," came under fire by the media worldwide.”
Published 03/17/23
Published 03/10/23
Murder, mutilation, beheading, and cannibalism occurred on Greyhound bus 1170. Over a decade has passed since the tragedy, but the passengers can still hear the scream that rang out when the attacks began. For many, the nightmare never ended. And now the killer walks as a free man, with no record, completely free from the criminal justice system.
Published 03/10/23
“ A blood-sucking goat-killer leaves its victims drained of every last drop of blood. Hunting through the southern US and Central America, this beast is one of the newest cryptids to show its pearly fangs to curious cryptozoologists. But many can't pinpoint its true origins. Is it only a misidentified hybrid canine or something more sinister from the nests of the unknown?” Support Our Sponsors! | Stamps.com - 4 WEEK TRIAL + Free Postage & Digital Scale - Use Code: LIGHTSOUT -...
Published 03/03/23
“For some curious conjurers, the Ouija board is a fun game to get you spooked in your friend's mom's basement. But for others, it's a powerful seance tool that can summon blood demons, unleash paranormal entities that possess the family dog, or justify senseless murders.”
Published 02/24/23
“ In 1987, mysterious symbols and threatening words appear on the Moffitt Family's bathroom mirror. Knives pierce through mattresses, ancient objects appear out of thin air, and shadow creatures seep down the living room walls. Is it the work of a demonic presence or the repressed emotions of a failing marriage?”
Published 02/17/23
“What happens when a "faith-based" treatment program tries to cure a patient with a history of violence, sexual assault, and mental illness? That patient goes on to commit the most widely-publicized crime in Connecticut's history, leaving three bodies and a raging fire in their wake. The Cheshire Murders exemplify the tragedy of a home invasion at its absolute worst.”
Published 02/10/23
“After an elderly couple was carved to pieces and stored in their own refrigerator, their enigmatic son mysteriously disappeared in the 1960s. Although the prime suspect seemed glaringly obvious, the motivations for the gruesome murders might actually tie into a much larger conspiracy at play.”
Published 02/03/23
“While not as notorious as other famous gunslingers from the Old West, John Wesley Hardin carved out a name for himself in history by killing up to 44 people between Kansas and Texas. Fueled by his hatred towards the Union, recently freed slaves, and anyone he lost money to at the poker table, he usually targeted soldiers, people of color, and anyone who crossed him on a drunken night of gambling in the late 1800s.”
Published 01/27/23
Tight-knit subcultures are usually nothing to fear. They might have their own slang and inside jokes but mostly keep to themselves. Except for one small group of carnies in a farming town of Indiana, violence and dark rituals latched onto a subculture that quickly morphed into a heinous cult of 4 young men. 
Published 01/20/23
“ The dead souls lost to mass murder and human sacrifice spotlight the blood-stained history of Mexico. From the ancient Aztecs to modern massacres, their victims continue to haunt these lands and remind us of our vicious past.”
Published 01/13/23
“ This demonic dog from hell goes by many names, and its stories span centuries. It's often seen as a guardian or a demon, with no in-between. And many believe it still roams the lands of eastern England to this day.”
Published 12/30/22
“A time when satanic cults were the media's boogeymen in the 1980s and 90s, the dead, mutilated bodies of young boys were discovered in Altamira, Brazil. The town was known for its local cult, Superior Universal Alignment. Many believed this cult delved into black magic, and the young boys were a part of their sick and twisted rituals. But the truth might've been lost in the widespread panic.”
Published 12/23/22
“Over a century ago, a ruthless maniac brutally executed the Moore family and their two guests in the dead of night. Their killer has died along with their secrets. What truly happened on that gruesome night in 1912, and why did the police let so many strangers tamper with the evidence?*
Published 12/16/22
State-sanctioned torture, an entire neighborhood infected with evil, record-breaking radiation poisoning, boiling acid water, and the merciless, muddy hands of mother nature are all to blame for the worst ways to die. This is the list that will make you count your blessings.*
Published 12/09/22
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Published 12/02/22
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Published 11/26/22
Regarded as one of the most ambitious cults to ever exist, Aum Shinrikyo’s main goal was to end the world as we know it. Their blind, charismatic leader, Shoko Asahara, came from humble beginnings, and he rose to become one of the worst domestic terrorists Japan has ever seen.
Published 11/18/22
A haunting aura now surrounds what was once known as the Corpsewood Manor. Meant to be a place of refuge, away from the scourge of a big city, the property eventually became a place of violent rumors surrounding homosexuality, the occult, and drug-fueled satanic orgies. But today, it’s mostly rubble.
Published 11/11/22
Is it a coincidence that some of the most brutal murders happen on Halloween? Or is the spooky holiday a catalyst for mayhem? Here are 6 of the most heinous Halloween murders that will leave you locked inside your house when October 31st rolls around.
Published 11/04/22
UFOs have become an open secret in the past decade. The depths of Soviet records show a time in history when 300 reports of strange activity have gone unexplained. Was it the western world sending unknown aircraft and 10-foot-tall humanoids to terrorize the soviet citizens? Or has the cosmic world reached out to greet us?
Published 10/31/22
Death and disaster seem to be common occurrences inside haunted attractions. What's worse is that the drama of the attraction disguises the trauma. Most people think the real horror is a part of the show. And who can blame them? When haunted houses across the US are known for disturbing and depraved behavior, most visitors don't think twice about someone covered in blood, screaming for help. They just want to reach the end like everyone else.
Published 10/28/22
It doesn't get much more disgusting and depraved than the Ant Hill Gang. Torture, dead children, and eating feces are just a few of the things that went inside the commune. Everything was for their Master. The followers saw their flawless leader, Roch (Rock) Theriault, as the voice of God. And who would ever dare disobey the Almighty?
Published 10/21/22
The worst of the worst. Fred and Rose West reach the absolute depths of sexual abuse and murder. Although their victim count isn’t as high as other famous serial killers, not many reach the bedrock of sexual torture and sadism. When it comes to Fred and Rose, no one is safe— not even their own family members.
Published 10/14/22
With a history dating back centuries, London has seen its fair share of ghosts and ghouls. Many apparitions revolve around the Royals and their long history of bloodshed, but other phantoms seem to have no history at all. Their tales have been lost to time or completely forgotten. Either way, the oldest buildings of London are their long-time residences. A few of them even dwell in underground tunnels deep beneath the surface. And they're not planning on leaving anytime soon.
Published 10/07/22