The fight against Last Week and Mondo Stones takes a difficult turn. Avalen opens a gate. Flaxen and Virgil pick locks. Rowan and Ishmael find a library.We are going on hiatus for a couple months after this episode.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeHorn Night, Second Block, High Knees, One Block - Lofi from Fargo : https://soundcloud.com/lofifromfargoHigh School Girl, At Night - Saturn Genesis...
Published 10/06/19
Published 10/06/19
Can the crew truly convince Unglianne they’re trustworthy? Can they manage to effectively storm the Western Watchtower? The answer is no, not really. Ishmael experiences a binding ritual. Flaxen remembers an old pirate trick. Avalen sets off traps. Rowan begrudgingly heals. Virgil gets stuck in the floor.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeWhat's a Keyboard, There's a lot of snow on this tree - Lofi from...
Published 09/22/19
To save Last Week, the crew must first sneak aboard Unglianne’s ship. Rowan rescues a crocodile. Virgil dirties the cauldron. Avalen agrees to hold back. Flaxen brings Athorzen. Ishmael speaks primordial.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeClockwork, Musician, Snacks, Noir, Long Talks - Zeeky Beats : https://instagram.com/zeekybeats/
Published 09/08/19
You know that episode of every d&d campaign where everyone has a fun party? This is that episode. Flaxen tries to draw a hexagram. Avalen goes to the bank. Virgil has a talk. Rowan moms the crew. Ishmael loses it all.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeTruth, Unforgettable, Stuck, Feeling Great - Zeeky Beats : https://instagram.com/zeekybeats/Smile - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 08/25/19
The next afternoon, the crew spots a commotion among the waves. Rowan watches anime. Ishmael learns to sail. Flaxen deals a ton of damage. Virgil pushes a red button. Avalen charges.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeHome - Matt Quentin : https://soundcloud.com/mattquentinBreakout Jig - Scourbat : https://soundcloud.com/scourbatComing Home, Phantasy Star, None - Saturn Genesis...
Published 08/18/19
The trial.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeGood Morning, Blue Boi - Lakey Inspired : https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspiredNo Escape, Through Horizon, Confession - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 08/11/19
We pick up right where we left off. Ishmael waits. Avalen confides in his uncle. Virgil plays tennis. Rowan's life is an anime. Flaxen becomes a pirate.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeBlossom - No One's Perfect : https://soundcloud.com/noonesperfectmusicThe Woman Who Was Heartbroken - Ouska : https://soundcloud.com/ouskaRain World, Sadness Go Away, Mystery, The Day of Night, High School Girl, Flying...
Published 08/04/19
A full free day on the island turns into a soap opera very quickly. Ishmael learns about truth. Virgil seeks self-help. Flaxen gets poisoned. Avalen goes on a date...? Rowan is SHOOK. Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeGypsy - Orca Vibes : https://soundcloud.com/orcavibesMain Theme, Namsan, At Night, Lullaby, Forgive, Cyberia, Say Yes - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 07/28/19
It’s time to calm down, decompress, and level up. Avalen remembers the fallen. Rowan discovers romance novels. Flaxen makes a new life goal. Ishmael finds catharsis. Virgil's backstory is revealed.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeI Miss You - Kokoro : https://soundcloud.com/beatsbykokoroHeaven - Dontaskalex : https://soundcloud.com/dontaskalexDiscovery, Lost and Found, Smile, Weird Dreams, None - Saturn...
Published 07/21/19
Finally arriving at Windsor Vaerestinia’s summer home, the crew runs into trouble as Unglianne has the place on lockdown. Flaxen fights a skeleton. Rowan pulls some zany diplomacy. Avalen avoids eye contact. Virgil bonds with Toothy. Ishmael tries affection therapy.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeJanuary - Kokoro : https://soundcloud.com/beatsbykokoroHanging Lanterns - Kalaido :...
Published 07/14/19
Gramps and his pack of elementals attack in the night. Avalen wrecks the boat. Ishmael rolls a death save. Virgil tackles the problem. Rowan cures wounds. Flaxen makes codenames.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeRemember Me - Sugiwa : https://soundcloud.com/sugiwa
Published 07/07/19
How Am I Feeling docks up with another boat, and everything goes great! Virgil drinks a Mai Tai. Ishmael hides. Flaxen offers a very good deal. Rowan trades away a valuable cigarette. Avalen recognizes a duchess.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeWaves - Matt Quentin : https://soundcloud.com/mattquentinNoir, Handshake, Statement - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 06/30/19
The crew attempts to give warning of the impending fog, with varying degrees of success. Rowan goes on a date. Virgil and Flaxen bond over brewskies. Ishmael and Avalen sing a song.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeExplore - Steezy Prime : https://soundcloud.com/primeIn Orbit - Ambulo : https://soundcloud.com/user-162006130Let's Forget, By the Ocean, Tears, Say Yes, Dream Catcher - Saturn Genesis...
Published 06/23/19
Surrounded by G’nomes, and with the detectives in danger, the crew has to make a decision. Rowan takes down capitalism. Flaxen debates macroeconomics. Virgil captures a hostage. Ishmael is struck by a godlike physique. Avalen’s rage shows its true face.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeComing Home, None, High School Girl, Pastel Green, Main Theme, Mystery - Saturn Genesis...
Published 06/16/19
The next stop greets the crew with open arms, and the search for stardust begins. Avalen makes some magic. Ishmael writes a song. Flaxen learns a name. Rowan's a bit annoyed. Virgil carries a friend like a football.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeUnder the Trees - BLVK : https://soundcloud.com/yungmaiStatement, By the Ocean, At Night - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesisBreakout Jig -...
Published 06/09/19
A peaceful stop for food turns into a dangerous encounter. Ishmael confronts family. Avalen recklessly baseballs. Virgil throws chicken bones. Rowan steers the ship. Flaxen steps in gravy.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeDisability - Boxboys : https://soundcloud.com/alexcavoli-2Miracle - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 06/03/19
The crew gathers money and supplies. Rowan plans a date. Flaxen buys rations. Avalen robs a house. Ishmael receives a message. Virgil gets ignored.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeBreakfast - Potsu and Lando : https://soundcloud.com/potsupotsu, https://soundcloud.com/landosmusicStatement - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 05/26/19
The crew reaches the next landmark more or less intact. Avalen opens a portal. Virgil holds a team meeting. Flaxen re-rigs the sails. Ishmael does some parenting. Rowan takes piercing damage.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeDaylight - Matt Deguia : https://soundcloud.com/mattdeguiaCyberia - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
Published 05/19/19
The fog rolls in. Ishmael has a bad feeling. Avalen names a ship. Rowan reunites with a friend. Virgil makes bacon. Flaxen seeks a new blowgun.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeRaindrops - Kazam : https://soundcloud.com/therealkazamSadness Go Away, Main Theme - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesisShinjuku - Just Big Hills : https://soundcloud.com/just_big_hills
Published 05/04/19
The prisoners somehow finish their hazing into the Artsy Boys, and the next step begins. Avalen starts a grease fire. Flaxen learns about alchemy. Ishmael dons a disguise. Rowan looks for Last Week. Virgil gets married.Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeDreams - Joakim Karud : https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarudHanging Lanterns - Kalaido : https://soundcloud.com/kalaidobeatsStatement - Saturn Genesis...
Published 05/04/19
The prisoners begin their escape by stealing the handbag of the Warden's daughter. Avalen serves breakfast. Flaxen makes a blowgun. Ishmael doesn't turn a dial. Rowan finds some fish scales. Virgil has 2 electrum. Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyagesGmail: [email protected]  Music:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeThinking About You - Neoplasma (w. Oui Lele) : https://soundcloud.com/neoplasma, https://soundcloud.com/ouilele
Published 05/04/19
Five heroes begin their journey in the highest-security prison in the world. Gangs begin to form. Rowan has a sweet hat. Virgil earns 3 cigarettes. Ishmael wears rain boots. Avalen gets hired. Flaxen doesn't make a bomb out of anything. Twitter, Instagram: @LoFiVoyages Gmail: [email protected] Music:Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvdeWonder - Tom Misch (Aso remake) : https://soundcloud.com/tommisch, https://soundcloud.com/aricogleStatement - Saturn Genesis...
Published 05/04/19