In the past 10 episodes host Rajeev Jha & Dr. MK Shivani have given extensive knowledge about how to make your life simple and how can you be happy and become successful. The season finale talks about how and what should you do to make the bond between you and your child. In today's times when the kid is exposed so much to the outer world because of technology, how can you become a better parent by  giving them a sense of judgment? Also, how can you teach your kid to avoid all the...
Published 11/14/19
Published 11/14/19
In this special episode of Mission Happy World Podcast, hosts Dr. Mekhla Kulkarni & Rajeev Jha are joined by financial expert CA Kalpesh Vithlani. They talk about the simple yet complicated concept of debt and how brands and financial institutes lure customers to spend more through attractive offers that are hard to resist.  They discuss in deep about identifying debts, how to become debt-free, money management and budgeting techniques, and also how can one invest in order to...
Published 10/20/19
Managing money can always be tricky... In this episode, learn - How to manage money betterIdentifying sources of incomesIdentifying wants and needsMoney meditationHow to maximize your income
Published 10/13/19
In this special episode, Dr. MK Shivani, is joined by Renowned Dental Surgeon, Dr. Shweta Dudhat. They together bust some common myths and misconceptions about dental care. Listen to the complete episode and learn how can you properly take care of your teeth.
Published 10/05/19
The role of a leader is not just limited to a politician or a boss.  Learn from this episode and how can you become the leader in your life  and what is the role of a leader. Check out Mission Happy World and other shows by Ep.Log on www.eplog.media
Published 09/28/19
We often focus on efforts and hard work, however, a tired mind cannot help you in bringing out your 100%. This is where mind power comes. Understand from this episode on how can you expand your mind and growth hack your life. Check out Mission Happy World and other awesome podcasts on www.eplog.media Follow us on Instagram @eplogmedia
Published 09/22/19
In this episode we talk about few tips on eating right, what and how much should you eat so that you remain healthy. We also speak about Bio-hacking, a technique by which you can become younger, healthier and fitter. Do not miss this episode as there's a lot that you can learn and apply in your life. Let us know what you think about the episode and the podcast in the comment or Dm us on Instagram @eplogmedia Make sure you check out our other awesome podcasts on www.eplog.media
Published 09/14/19
It said Health is Wealth In the ratrace of being successful, health is often neglected and in the long-term it leads to several health complications. This episode talks about simple techniques that you can do to stay healthy and remain fit. Also, there are some checkpoints for you to check if you are healthy and how to identify if you are lacking in a nutrition. Do listen to the complete episode and get an idea about the pillars of healthy living and also comment your thoughts. Follow us...
Published 09/08/19
It is said that a parent is born the moment his/her child is born.  In this episode we talk about every role that a parent has to play during the growth years of your child. Dr. MK Shivani & Rajeev Jha discuss the importance of Love & Law between parent-student relationship. Listen to the complete episode to know more about parenting techniques. Let us know in the comments what you think about the episode in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia Follow Mission Happy World on...
Published 08/31/19
There are skills that you acquire from your family, then there are skills that you learn when you are in school, and then there are skills that life teaches you as you move ahead in life. In this episode, Dr. MK Shivani & Rajeev Jha talk about some important life skills that you can acquire and manage your life and relations better. Listen and explore the world inside you to become happy and successful through the Mission Happy World Podcast Let us know what you think about the episode...
Published 08/25/19
Everyone in this world is thriving to be happy and stress free but no matter however they try to accomplish it,  it doesn't happen as per desire.  There is a secret to being happy in all the nine areas of life and to make you aware of those secret, Mission Happy World (MHW) is coming up with a podcast in association with Ep.Log Media... A unique concept of learning together the nuances,  tips and tricks of finding happiness in all areas of our day to day life and free ourselves from the...
Published 08/15/19
Do you want to be successful in life? Do you want to be better, fitter, and wealthier? Manage your life and people around you better with Mission Happy World Podcast
Published 07/29/19