Published 02/22/24
In this week's episode, the girls discuss the gifts that every man truly needs, how to determine if you are in a fancy restaurant or not, Hunter reacts to a very overstimulating moment, and Michaela reveals how she and her husband almost embarrassed themselves in front of a major celeb!
Published 02/22/24
The girls are back!! And they're doing a mega download of the last few weeks. Touching first on remembering their dear Grandma and the time the girls spent together after her passing. We also dive into Michaela's trip to Mazatlan, Viva La Mexico! She details her time there and the venomous shots she took! Hunter goes over her heart-pounding, anxiety-inducing spa day, which left her and her husband buried under volcanic sand. Plus, they talk about Hunter's clash with a political heavyweight...
Published 02/08/24
In today's podcast episode, the girls talk about the art of delivering jokes. They discuss a lot of butt-related topics…Hunter ditches Aquaphor for coconut oil and shares how the thrifting bug has bitten her. They also discuss the “Aerie Controversy” and our take on the marketing mishap that it was!
Published 01/25/24
  On today's podcast, Hunter is back with last year's candy obsession. The girls figure out the colloquialisms they grew up with in their family, discuss why calling someone to say you love them is terrifying, and dive into exactly what it takes to win an Oscar!
Published 01/18/24
On this weeks episode the girls On this week's episode, the girls discuss the movie "Saltburn" and why Michaela thinks it was overhyped. Hunter goes sledding, takes a kid out and traumatizes her son, and they also talk about how Michaela has entered her 50s housewife era!
Published 01/11/24
On this week's episode the girls finally recap their very interesting holiday season...from an ER trip, being mistaken for a loving couple, Covid taking down the entire household, part of the family being on gummies and the plans that went absolutely haywire. It truly couldn’t have gone worse. Buckle up babes, it’s a ride!
Published 01/04/24
On this week's episode, the girls are prepping for the New Year! They discuss the goals they reached this year, the things they hope to bring into the new year, how to get a dinner party started the unconventional way (take notes!), and the mind meld is at it again with a very specific task involving a bathroom trash can.
Published 12/28/23
On today's episode, the girls talk about the one thing they do that makes people treat them differently: making a mold of their lady bits and gifting it to their spouse. Plus, they spill some piping hot holiday tea, delving into some very questionable family relationships!
Published 12/21/23
On this week's episode, the girls delve into the fascinating, and somehow dangerous??, journey of Michaela skillfully unraveling the enigma of Hunter's childhood, navigating this intricate journey single-handedly. SOLO. They explore how Michaela unwittingly fell victim to the charming ruse orchestrated by none other than the elusive "Santa"...she was SCAMMED!!
Published 12/14/23
On this week's episode, the girls practically become a history/zoology podcast! They delve into wild phobias, real history facts that blow their minds and Hunter comes to some serious realizations. They also properly rate the three greatest films of all time, talk Anne Hathaway love or hate and Hunter schools her husband on what some are calling "The Unicorn Of The Sea."
Published 12/07/23
On this week's episode, the girls explore the reasons behind Hunter frantically taking pregnancy tests, delve into the disappointing event that brought Michaela to tears, plus they give you advice on how to handle unwanted comments during the holidays! We're looking at you, Aunt Jan! You too, Grandma! 
Published 11/30/23
This week on the podcast, the girls are breaking down their body types, diving into the tiers of grief, spilling the tea on why Matt Rife's got the boys all worked up, hitting you with a fresh round of "I don’t like that," and sharing their top picks from the Goop Holiday Gift guide—affordable, of course!
Published 11/23/23
On this week's episode, the girls discuss the biggest scam of all time that Hunter ended up falling for, why Southern California is so dramatic, and how Hunter and Michaela are going to be rewriting and singing all of the Christmas classics! Plus, an all new round of “I Dont Like That!” featuring Logan Paul!
Published 11/16/23
In this week's episode Michaela is back from her luxury brand trip and she's a different person. Perhaps even more insufferable! She shares the highs of her trip and the low of the worst flight attendant she's ever encountered. We unveil who is the Mariah Carey of fall and also touch on asking our husbands if they still love us even though our bodies have changed (it's not what you think). We also share our I Don't Like That's for the week!
Published 11/09/23
On this weeks episode the girls discuss facial feature fads, the beauty hack that Michaela has been doing on her facial hair, getting botox on their traps, Britney Spears’ quickly bestselling book, why they miss homecoming gowns, and the thing that Hunters son ordered to their home after using her phone!    
Published 11/02/23
On this week's episode Michaela shares what sport she’s currently riding for, she explains what a “glizzy” is and no.. it’s actually not a sexual act! They also talk about the one thing people do when they move that gets under both of their skin, Michaela has a DMV fiasco and comes out on top, and the way Hunter's high school handled her bullies!
Published 10/26/23
In today's episode we discuss the girl with Gerd (Hunter), how Michaela’s hyper fixation over a certain food almost cost her her life, how much a marital argument is worth in dollars and why Hunter got into one with her husband. We also stack up which West Coast v. East Coast chips reign supreme!
Published 10/19/23
On this weeks episode the girls discuss the hunk of wood that has integrated itself into Hunters family and how they are accepting it, the real way Julia Fox and Kanye west met, how refreshing Pamela Anderson and The Golden Bachelor is, and they introduce a new segment called “I don’t like it” 
Published 10/12/23
On todays podcast the girls discuss who manages the household “mental load”, if a big purchase should be discussed in a marriage, why they arm wrestled and who won, why Taylor swift is now the entire NFL, and which math equations make sense and which ones are uncomfy. 
Published 10/05/23
On todays episode the girls discuss their hot take on the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rendezvous, Hunter reveals what her husband did that gave her the Ick which then snowballs into a game of “Would You Rather”, and Michaela has a burning question regarding Hunters questionable plane eating habits.
Published 09/28/23
On todays episode the girls discuss why Hunter is afraid of her toddler, a very special shoutout, the most inclusive fashion show Hunter has ever been to, Michaela’s new business venture as an American Picker, and top tips on how to know if someone is suspicious (which is everyone according to Michaela) 
Published 09/21/23
In today's episode, the ladies are back, diving into their usual shenanigans. They delve into the world of heart-pounding naps, what exactly the US Open is and why everyone is all of a sudden a tennis fan, planning a roast for Michaela, and unraveling Hunter's husband's peculiar belief that he is in fact part of the Eagles football team.
Published 09/14/23
On this weeks episode the girls discuss how they are surviving not thriving, Michaela’s run at comedy with her gastro and getting life alert, hot Lumberjack tik tok, Hunter rebukes some things as usual, and they and they answer a voicemail!
Published 09/07/23
On this weeks episode the girls answer a voicemail from a caller and give their thoughts on what they would do if they found out their husband was on Grindr, and they justify some big purchases using “girl math” like spending $5k on an untrained horse! 
Published 08/31/23