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In this week's episode, the girls discuss the gifts that every man truly needs, how to determine if you are in a fancy restaurant or not, Hunter reacts to a very overstimulating moment, and Michaela reveals how she and her husband almost embarrassed themselves in front of a major celeb!
Published 02/22/24
The girls are back!! And they're doing a mega download of the last few weeks. Touching first on remembering their dear Grandma and the time the girls spent together after her passing. We also dive into Michaela's trip to Mazatlan, Viva La Mexico! She details her time there and the venomous shots...
Published 02/08/24
In today's podcast episode, the girls talk about the art of delivering jokes. They discuss a lot of butt-related topics…Hunter ditches Aquaphor for coconut oil and shares how the thrifting bug has bitten her. They also discuss the “Aerie Controversy” and our take on the marketing mishap that it was!
Published 01/25/24