Turning the Tables: A Podcast Makeover and Millennial vs. Gen Z Showdown
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On this week's episode, the girls discuss Hunter’s nail salon horror story, how Alabama is absolutely pulling things out of thin air in the name of taking women back 50 years, how the podcast is doing a complete 180 (for the better), and they quiz each other on Gen Z slang!
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This week's episode is a rollercoaster as the girls reveal their new podcast album artwork!!!! They also dive into the drama of the solar eclipse and spill the beans on their wild 36 hour trip together in San Diego. If that wasn't enough, they unleash their inner wrestling personas, and reveal...
Published 04/11/24
On this weeks episode the girls discuss drama on the towns Facebook group, when you deserve a raise and the timeline in which you deserve one and the awkward text Hunter sent her gardeners that she is trying to get out of!
Published 04/04/24
Published 04/04/24