Hometown Drama and Awkward Texts!
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On this weeks episode the girls discuss drama on the towns Facebook group, when you deserve a raise and the timeline in which you deserve one and the awkward text Hunter sent her gardeners that she is trying to get out of!
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On this week's episode the girls discuss their whirlwind week after the announcement of Hunter’s Sports illustrated cover! From the red carpet launch to flying on a private jet, major amenities, IV drips, encounters with Hunter’s idols, and an exclusive peek inside the star studded events in...
Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24
What else needs to be said, we are beside ourselves and we are diving IN and talking about everything from the shoot, to finding out she was on the cover (they surprised her SO GOOD) and all the emotions that come with such an incredible honor! Of course we had to drop an episode to get all the...
Published 05/16/24