The Velvet Underground Pt I
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No Dogs in Space is back for Season 2! Marcus and Carolina return, and this season we shift our focus towards a sub-genre of Music, that much like Punk, encompasses a wide range of different styles cross-pollinating organically in the underground music scene of the 1970's, this season we're diving headfirst into Alternative. Kicking off with the first series, covering one of the most influential acts in musical history, The Velvet Underground. - In this episode we meet a young, complicated Lou Reed and learn how his friendship with John Cale and their mutual love of experimental music would lead to the formation of what would become The Velvet Underground. As always, Follow Marcus on Spotify to listen to all of the songs used in this episode And taking us out this week is Pyrex - Touch For Early Access to Episodes and Exclusive Content join our Patreon at:
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As we conclude our series on The Velvet Underground we pick back up just after the band had split with one of it's founding members, John Cale. Leaving Lou Reed with full reign of the group in his pursuit for artistic notoriety and respect, but it was the addition of Doug Yule that lead to the...
Published 11/18/21
This week we reach The Velvet Underground's sophomore release, White Light/White Heat, and as tension within the band begins to grow, the group is blindsided by an assassination attempt on their beloved manager, Andy Warhol. Taking us out is Reef The Lost Cauze -...
Published 11/02/21
Published 11/02/21