What risks are worth taking? When should you ignore feedback and go with your gut? And what did Stephen learn on a fishing trip with the town barber?
Published 08/07/22
Published 07/31/22
What’s worse: shame, guilt, or humiliation? Does Angela have psychopathic tendencies? And where’s the worst place to sit at a magic show?
Published 07/31/22
What is the purpose of negative emotions? Why do we engage with things we know will upset us? And how does Angie deal with rejection?
Published 07/24/22
Is it O.K. to bother people for a good cause? Why do people donate to charity in the first place? And do those personalized address labels actually make people get out their checkbooks?
Published 07/17/22
Are we all either secure, avoidant, or anxious? How does your relationship with your parents shape your romantic partnerships? And what is Stephen’s attachment style?
Published 07/10/22
Are you more likely to experience post-traumatic stress or post-traumatic growth? How does belief in the afterlife affect how you view death? And why did Angela hike a deadly gorge with her ex-boyfriend?
Published 07/03/22
How do kids learn about money? What’s the big problem with education? And who made "Raiders of the Lost Ark?"
Published 06/26/22
Why are humans so eager for magic-bullet solutions? Can you explain how a pen works? And how does Angela feel about being forever branded “the grit lady”?
Published 06/19/22
Why do Americans tip so much? What happened when Angie eliminated grading in a college course? And why did almost every pay toilet in the U.S.A. vanish between 1970 and 1980?
Published 06/12/22
Today, something different; we're sharing an episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant, another podcast we like from the TED Audio Collective. Perfectionism is on the rise–and not just in job interviews when people claim it’s their greatest weakness. But the desire to be flawless is not always productive—or healthy. As a recovering perfectionist, Adam dives into how he managed to abandon the quest for 10s while holding onto his drive for excellence. To hear more episodes on the science of making...
Published 06/04/22
Published 03/20/22
Published 03/06/22