Introducing Man in the Arena: Haters
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America’s collective adoration of the underdog means that people love to hate Tom Brady. In the world of sports, hatred is inevitable, so why are haters always gonna hate? And in the context of sports, could hate be a positive thing? What might it take to change one fan’s mind? This is the third episode of the Man in the Arena podcast, now available on this platform or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode features: 12-year-old viral Brady-hater Ace Davis, Asst. Prof. of Psychology at Univ. of Central Arkansas Marc Sestir, and Chad Neidt, the Broncos fan who wrote the “FU Tom Brady” song. Thanks to Chad Neidt, Brandon Perna & ThatsGoodSports, 12:05 AM Productions, LLC / Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Lex 18 News for the clips used in this episode.  
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