America’s collective adoration of the underdog means that people love to hate Tom Brady. In the world of sports, hatred is inevitable, so why are haters always gonna hate? And in the context of sports, could hate be a positive thing? What might it take to change one fan’s mind? This is the third episode of the Man in the Arena podcast, now available on this platform or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode features: 12-year-old viral Brady-hater Ace Davis, Asst. Prof. of Psychology at...
Published 12/01/21
Religion of Sports and PRX present False Idol, a new podcast examining the rise and fall of South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, and the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Join Host Tim Rohan as he revisits this tragic story through the eyes of the people that Pistorius impacted, the lives he devastated, and the wake he left behind. In this special broadcast of episode 3, Tim explores Pistorius’ dangerous and reckless behavior off the track and the warning signs that would be overlooked by fans...
Published 09/02/21
From Religion of Sports and PRX, Lost in Sports is a new sports mystery podcast where host Ben Baskin takes on some of the biggest questions in sports and some you never thought to ask. In the second episode of the premiere season, Ben untangles the complicated origins of the AND1 Mixtapes. In 1999 a small apparel company named AND1 released a VHS tape of streetball highlights set to a hip hop soundtrack that quickly became a worldwide craze. AND1 was soon hosting games all over the world,...
Published 06/17/21
The newest Religion of Sports show, Crushed, revisits the steroid era to untangle its truth from the many myths, examine the legacy of baseball’s farthest-reaching scandal, and explore what it tells us about sports culture in America. In 1998, fans across the country fell in love with the home run race as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chased baseball immortality. Sportswriter Joan Niesen recounts her memories of that summer, examines the history and mythology of the home run and asks why people...
Published 04/08/21
Everyone’s life has failures, disappointments, and setbacks. What makes a difference is the ability to bounce back from the bad things that come everyone’s way.
Published 12/31/20
When you are sustained by love and feel compassion for others, your become part of a constant give-and-take, what a physiologist would call a feedback loop, that goes from your heart to every cell in your body and from you to everyone you encounter.
Published 12/24/20
All of us listen with only half our attention, or even none at all. We are preoccupied with our own issues, especially now in a crisis. It's time to sit down and really listen to someone in your life who you perhaps take for granted or feel frustrated by.
Published 12/17/20
We have all heard about the benefits of exercise, but compliance isn’t easy, especially now with restricted movement. But without guilt you can bring a great benefit to your body by the simple, repeated action of standing up, moving around, and stretching.
Published 12/10/20
Take a moment to expand your reason for being here, in other words, your purpose. When your day is filled with the demands of your job or raising children or keeping up with friends, you are certainly busy, but do you have a purpose? True purpose is very personal, and you alone can create it for yourself.
Published 12/03/20
Take a moment to expand your heart through expressing gratitude. In a crisis the things we usually take for granted are seen in a new light, and one result is a feeling of gratitude that needs expressing. Gratitude is healing for you and at the same time for the person you express your gratitude to.
Published 11/26/20
Take a moment to talk about the best way to handle your worries.
Published 11/19/20
Today we welcome a guest: radio and television host and author Charlamagne the God. Charlamagne has wisdom to share with us on how now is the time to lean into uncertainty and experience the freedom of not knowing.
Published 10/01/20
Sigmund Freud said that anxiety is like an unwelcome guest that refuses to leave. You are forced to adapt to its presence. Can you get this unwelcome guest to leave? Yes, you can.
Published 09/24/20
Today we welcome a guest: Doctor Michael Gervais. Dr. Gervais will show us how to establish a morning mindset routine.
Published 09/17/20
We use the word “stress” all the time, but people don’t really know how to deal with it, so they stop trying . In normal times we accept that modern life moves fast and brings pressure. In the present crisis, these conditions are exacerbated and affect many more people.
Published 09/10/20
We think of power as a matter of struggle, competition, and overcoming obstacles. But there’s deeper power in just the opposite.
Published 09/03/20
We think of power as a matter of struggle, competition, and overcoming obstacles. But there’s deeper power in just the opposite.
Published 08/27/20
Today we welcome a guest: Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness podcast. Lewis used to think a morning routine was what really sets you up for a successful day, but he has learned that a conscious evening routine is equally as important.
Published 08/20/20
It’s commonly understood that what you aren’t aware of, you cannot change.
Published 08/13/20
An ideal relationship is loving and healing. If those two qualities exist, the ups and downs that exist in every relationship can be weathered, because various situations come and go, but they take second place to your certainty that you are loved and that you will get support and sympathy when you feel wounded, ill, or need emotional healing.
Published 08/06/20
The ideal state of the mind is alert and yet restful and reflective. Your mind naturally returns to this state if you let it.
Published 07/30/20
Today, take a moment to nurture your body by replacing “heaviness” with “lightness.”
Published 07/16/20
Today take a moment to nurture your spirit by focusing on your spiritual I.Q.
Published 07/09/20
Everyone has times in their lives when it is necessary to forgive or be forgiven, but in the current crisis the need has risen abruptly. Forgiveness is all about releasing yourself from the past so that you can live in the present.
Published 06/24/20